bathroom reveal

Although this is a formal reveal here on the blog of this bathroom, keep in mind 1) we remodeled this bathroom almost 10 years ago and 2) I did showcase it a bit way back when, but it was before I was lifestyle blogging. Come look at the “formal” bathroom reveal.

mirror mirror on the wall

We recently found a new mirror for the living room mantel. I have wanted a vintage, old, beautifully gilded with tons of patina frame for awhile now.  The price tag however always makes it an elusive quest.  A few weeks ago I stumbled across this mirror at a local vintage pop-up market, Paris Flea Market.Continue reading “mirror mirror on the wall”

front yard sitting area

Hello friends!  Last month I showed you the front yard remodel and I want to share some of the progress we have done in the front sitting area. It is one of our favorite spots now, where we can sip a cup of coffee in the morning or enjoy a refreshing beverage in the afternoon.Continue reading “front yard sitting area”

Kitchen Table & Chairs Set Refresh

Last year I participated in a pop-up Vintage Market with some friends, which I shared here.  Well, I had planned to refresh my kitchen set to sell at the Vintage Market and replace it with a more Frenchy feel set for our home.  Well best laid plans… we ended going in a totally different directionContinue reading “Kitchen Table & Chairs Set Refresh”

as 2020 unraveled

Now here I am in this weird year {weirdest year ever} wanting to get back to this little piece of the internet | world that I call my own.  One of the first things I want to share and start documenting here is the redesign of our front yard.  Mister Masterpiece and I started itContinue reading “as 2020 unraveled”