a plaid holiday table

This year I was inspired by this plaid ribbon to style our holiday tables. Using the same basic table design it dresses our table to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s a simple concept that can be used to style any table and adapted for any type of celebration. I am absolutely loving this simple plaid holiday table design.

happy new year & a little tip

I hope everyone had safe and fun New Year’s celebrations with loved ones. I am looking forward to the new year and hoping for big things personally as well as globally. We kicked off the New Year with delicious Bloody Mary’s. It was a perfect, calm day and I hope it’s a sign of whatContinue reading “happy new year & a little tip”

reflections of 2020

Today we close the door on 2020. A chapter for the history books for sure. 2020 was a year like no other but there was some goodness that came from all the turbulence and turmoil.  I witnessed it first hand at the small home & garden shoppe I work at in our home town. PeopleContinue reading “reflections of 2020”

dazzlingly bright New Year’s Eve tablescape

I know we are all eager to put 2020 behind us.  We fully anticipate 2021 with the highest expectations probably put on any new year ever before.  I am praying for a bright, the brightest!, future in 2021.  I set the table for New Year’s eve for just the four of us, full of lightContinue reading “dazzlingly bright New Year’s Eve tablescape”

reflections into 2018

Hope everyone had a very merry holiday season with their loved ones.  We had a wonderful Christmas around here with much merriment, family and friends. Now life is slowly getting back to a normalized routine and schedule again. Next week when the Masterpiece children head back to school, I’ll truly feel like I’m back inContinue reading “reflections into 2018”

a brand new year full of possibilities

So I’ve been reflecting a bit since I cleaned up Christmas. And trying to set my goals and prioritize my aspirations for 2015. My house is almost, almost back to normal. And it’s nice to feel clean & look around, but unfortunately I see all the projects I want to get done. Last year IContinue reading “a brand new year full of possibilities”