a Galentine’s mini floral tablescape

Do you celebrate the Valentine’s Day holiday with your girlfriends? This table is set with a fun gal pal vibe using mini 2-inch potted cyclamen flowers. Here are some details to help you set a Galentine’s floral tablescape for your friends around the St. Valentine’s holiday.

Valentine’s Day vignettes – 3 ways

Even if you are not a big decorator for the St. Valentine’s holiday there are small touches you can add to your home that are fresh and compliment Valentine’s Day. Here are 3 Valentine’s Day vignettes with an easy, a medium and an intricate level of complexity.

romantic BOHO table setting by firelight

A laid back table by the fireplace for a romantic celebration with a boho vibe, speaks to me right now. It’s a perfect dinner setting for Valentine’s or an anniversary or any romantic merriment. Here are some details to set a romantic boho table setting by firelight for all the romantic feels.

easy frame wreath tutorial

Happy February friends! Do you like to decorate for the seasons but don’t want to spend a ton of money or time? This project is perfect then! Just with a few items you can make a frame wreath, which can be easily changed for the season or holiday.

Valentine’s Day decor

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? I do a little bit but I have done more and more through the years mainly to share here on the blog. Today I am sharing some ideas and inspiration to help you in your own home this Valentine’s season.

5 moss-y Valentine’s decor DIY projects

Hello friends! We are a month away from the St. Valentine’s Day holiday. Since I am not a huge pink & red girl, I get creative for my Valentine’s Day decor and today I wanted to share 5 projects I have created using one of my favorite muses- moss- for the holiday of love. heartContinue reading “5 moss-y Valentine’s decor DIY projects”

fireside romantic table for two

Hello friends!  Today I am sharing a cozy table set by a roaring fire that is perfect for any long winter night.  I set this with Valentine’s Day in mind, but I think it’s even more special to just set a pretty table to share with your loved one, anytime, just because.  The unexpected isContinue reading “fireside romantic table for two”

happy Valentine’s Day

So this post was intended for Valentine’s Day but in the process of moving my blog from TypePad to WordPress it somehow ended up in limbo. My blog was in a nowhere land between both platforms. Do not ask me how this was possible- but it was. The domain mapping pointed in both directions. 🤷‍♀️Continue reading “happy Valentine’s Day”

sweet notes for Valentine’s Day

Sweet notes for Valentine’s Day- as in musical notes…. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I just finished a couple of projects for the romantic holiday using sheet music since love songs are usually associated with this affectionate holiday.  I love using sheet music on many projects and it just evokes an air of romance.  IContinue reading “sweet notes for Valentine’s Day”