spring nesting tablescape

Spring evokes visions of newly formed nests with birds aflight. As the springtime sprints into summer this spring nesting tablescape holds on to those renewal and revitalizing vibes. Nests throughout the table says springtime!

a sunny, rustic farmhouse tablescape

The springtime weather around here inspired me to set a sunny, happy tablescape. Pops of yellow on this table design gives all the spring vibes with a rustic farmhouse style.

the easiest fancy dessert idea

Hello friends. Today I’m sharing a super easy dessert, which is still sure to impress your guests. This dessert is fairly simple, super yummy and beautifully made. It’s all about the presentation. Who doesn’t love an easy fancy dessert, right? Come on in and see how you can make this too.

what is the best hostess gift ideas?

I love to bring personal gifts to my friends and family when they graciously open their homes to us. There are many different philosophies regarding what to offer as a hostess gift. My personal favorite are pieces of my own home, which are organic and authentic.

12 spring table styling ideas

I am so in the mood for all things spring! How about you guys? One of my favorite things I love to do with family and friends is to break bread together. It’s one of the great joys in life to me. In honor of spring, I am sharing how to style your table for spring 12 different ways. Hopefully it will inspire you to set a pretty table for your loved ones this season.

how to create a deviled egg garnish board

Do you enjoy deviled eggs? Let me show you how to elevate your deviled egg game by adding a garnishment board. Deviled eggs are amazingly creamy and rich on their own, but by adding some great toppings you just make it that much better and fun.

copper-y spring table

This table design was inspired by copper pieces and is set to welcome the spring season. Green accents and pretty blooms give the spring feels while the copper pieces ground the table styling. Copper walks that fine line between fancy refinery and rustic farmhouse feels. Come on in to see all the details about the table design.

tea on a tray blog tour

Welcome to the next installment of “on a tray” blog tours. Today I am sharing a themed tea on a tray styling along with 19 other bloggers. Grab a cup of tea 😉, make yourself comfortable and look around at all the tea goodness.

masquerade mask Mardi Gras table

We are a week away from Fat Tuesday, and setting a pretty table for any occasion is always a favorite around here. This table design is inspired by the masquerade mask tradition during the Mardi Gras celebration.

the best & easiest way to make chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered strawberries is one of those things, which always seems like such an indulgence, but it is actually a really easy thing to make. Here is how I make these delicious chocolate strawberries. They are a crowd pleaser.every.single.time.