happy Valentine’s Day

So this post was intended for Valentine’s Day but in the process of moving my blog from TypePad to WordPress it somehow ended up in limbo. My blog was in a nowhere land between both platforms. Do not ask me how this was possible- but it was. The domain mapping pointed in both directions. 🤷‍♀️Continue reading “happy Valentine’s Day”

sweet notes for Valentine’s Day

Sweet notes for Valentine’s Day- as in musical notes…. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I just finished a couple of projects for the romantic holiday using sheet music since love songs are usually associated with this affectionate holiday.  I love using sheet music on many projects and it just evokes an air of romance.  IContinue reading “sweet notes for Valentine’s Day”

reflections of 2020

Today we close the door on 2020. A chapter for the history books for sure. 2020 was a year like no other but there was some goodness that came from all the turbulence and turmoil.  I witnessed it first hand at the small home & garden shoppe I work at in our home town. PeopleContinue reading “reflections of 2020”

organizing my life with daily routines

Awhile back I shared with you my organizational system in this post {ways to organize your life better}.  It was a broad stroke interpretation of the system that works for me and I believe anybody can adjust it to fit their lifestyle. ways to organize your life better My one little word for 2019 isContinue reading “organizing my life with daily routines”

on the menu ~ green peppers

One of my favorite things about cooking at home is to harvest from our own vegetable garden. It’s so incredibly rewarding to nurture something that eventually nourishes you. Among the various things we grow are some green peppers; three different varieties of green peppers to be exact. For the last few years we have grown,Continue reading “on the menu ~ green peppers”

happy 2017

My one little word for 2017 is ~ {happy}. Sounds pretty simple right?  Who doesn’t want to be happy? Well, it’s harder than it seems.  I learned this first hand last year.  Life is not always rainbows & unicorns but I’m making the conscious decision to be happy, even when something less desirable occurs, bringingContinue reading “happy 2017”

on the menu ~ green apples

We’ve had a plethora of green apples around here since a bought a bushel for this table scape I shared a few weeks ago. green apple fall inspired tablescape I made these super easy muffins and share the recipe at the end of the post. So needless to say we’ve been eating our fair shareContinue reading “on the menu ~ green apples”

6 benefits to planting your own vegetable garden

We finally got the vegetable garden planted for the season. We have planted in this garden for several years now and before that we also had raised beds in our previous home but not as extensive. I love, love, love having a vegetable garden and wanted to share some of the benefits I believe havingContinue reading “6 benefits to planting your own vegetable garden”

{TIMELY} my one little word for 2016

{Timely} ~ that’s the word I chose for 2016;  my one, little word. I’m a full blown procrastinator. And although I wait until the last minute to do something, Anything, I usually DO get it done.  But it causes me undue stress to scramble at the last minute to get it done.   AND IContinue reading “{TIMELY} my one little word for 2016”

on the menu ~ pasta

i've mentioned that i cook plenty of pasta and often. a.lot.of.pasta. everyone is happy & satisfied when i cook pasta.  so i thought i would share some of the tips, techniques & recipes i've learned through the years. not all pasta is created equal.  {picture compliments of barilla} pasta can vary in texture, flavor &Continue reading “on the menu ~ pasta”