organizing my life with daily routines

Organizing with daily routines

Awhile back I shared with you my organizational system in this post {ways to organize your life better}.  It was a broad stroke interpretation of the system that works for me and I believe anybody can adjust it to fit their lifestyle.
Organization1ways to organize your life better
My one little word for 2019 is organization so I’m in the process of refining and elevating my organizing game.  I thought I would share with you my process in more detail.
Organizing with daily routines1
Today I’ll explain my daily routines which should help you get through the day with the least amount of stress possible and hopefully even with some peace and enjoyment.
§Morning Routine
The morning routine is crucial because it sets the tone for the entire day.  There’s basically three components to my morning routine 1} physical grooming & nourishing 2} mental preparedness & awareness 3} spiritual support and focus.  What does all this mean?  It will mean something a bit different to each person but the basic concept should be the same.
Organizing with daily routines2
Physically get ready for the day, which includes brushing teeth, showering, putting on make-up, clothes, jewelry, cologne|perfume…the whole nine yards.  I mean it.  It may sound silly, but the more you get ready for the day, the MORE ready you are for the day and the more productive you will be.  As bloggers many can sit in PJs all day behind the computer, which is fine once in awhile as the one off, but not good as your regular routine, mentally or physically.  We also need to nourish our bodies physically.  I drink decaf coffee every morning but I also make sure to drink plenty of water. {not only in the morning but throughout the day}.
Mentally, I organize my day by reviewing my calendar and making a list of all the things I need|want to accomplish for the day.  I also remind the masterpiece family of anything they should be aware of like appointments, commitments etc.  I do this the night before as well but another reminder never, ever hurts.  I check emails and text messages to make sure I didn’t miss anything important.  Be careful and don’t go down the rabbit hole here.  I use to also include social media here but it was too distracting.  Plus I review the calendar for the next day and week ahead to remind me of things so I can start preparing.
Spiritually, I like to take a moment to appreciate and give thanks for my family and the life I lead.  A moment of inner focus, which truly provides strength and helps my imagination.  This can easily go by the wayside, shoved on the back burner, but I’m telling you, make.the.time.  It will help your sense of being and outlook on life.  Even if it’s only for 2 minutes.  Sometimes I only have 5 minutes to spare and other days I have the luxury to spend more time contemplating and looking inward.  You can do this as you enjoy your cup of coffee|tea or your protein shake or whatever your morning beverage of choice might be.
Then, of course, there’s also the tasks everyone performs every morning and this is where we will all truly differ.  For me they include making lunches|snacks for my kids and helping them get out the door {if you have littles your routine will be way more elaborate here, which I remember all too well}.  There’s also things like feeding the dog, emptying the dishwasher, throwing a load of laundry in, watering the plants, etc.

Organizing with daily routines3

§Dinner Time Routine

This one is the trickiest routine because you are juggling many things at once.  When the masterpiece children were littles I called this the “witching hour” with feedings, baths, bedtime etc.  A basic dinner time routine of course centers around the meal, including prep and cleaning up.  Depending on your family dynamic this can be a complicated time of day that requires some planning & organization.  For me right now at this stage in my life, I focus on getting a family meal together with the four of us together.  That is my #1 priority, since I know these days are few and numbered.  The family meal gets hijacked by practices, tutoring & prep courses, meetings, etc. many times though so it’s all about a logistically game.  I have a few tasks associated with this time of day as well, like feeding the dog, reviewing|purging mail bin, watering outdoor plants just to name a few.

Organizing with daily routines4

§Bedtime Routine
This routine has a two-fold purpose.  First, it shuts down the day ideally in peace, preparing for a restful night.  Secondly, it organizes us to be prepared for the next day, {week, month, year ahead even}.  This way we should sleep soundly and be prepared to start the next day with a spring in our step.  I like to tidy up the house so these things do not interfere with the normal morning routine the next day.  For example I set the dishwasher to run overnight, all the piles of stuff & misplaced items get put away in their proper place, I make sure the masterpiece children are set for the next day {homework done, clothes ready, reminders, etc.}.  I also get myself ready for the next day by reviewing my calendar so I know what my to do list looks like for the next day & I like to preview the week ahead as well.  I can figure out what I want to wear the next day, depending if it’s a gym day or I have a meeting or going to work etc.  Of course there’s the personal grooming routine; for me it includes removing my make up, washing my face and anti-aging process along with brushing & flossing my teeth.  Finally and ideally you should incorporate a window of time that helps your body & mind shut down organically, which can include reading, watching tv, etc.  Note: Reading our phones should not be an option for this, for obvious reasons and I don’t have enough time to address this here. : )

Organizing with daily routines5

I use to allot certain time windows for everything but now I’ve been doing it for so long and life can be unexpected sometimes that I just go with the flow, but still strive to accomplish as much as possible.  Having the structure in place certianly helps guide me through the day.  I do not refer to my routine lists everyday per se but I do review them regularly and adjust them if life has shifted and circumstances changed.
Organizing with daily routines6
I love having my routine blueprint set and I am all about making lists.  I’ve also heard that writing something down helps accomplish said thing.  Hope this helps you set your own routines and if you already have a system in place I hope you were able to glean something new from this post.

Organizing with daily routines7

“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.”
~Scott Belsky~


  1. I envy you, MJ! What organization skills and stick-to-it-ive-ness! I used to be way more organized, when the kids were little. For some reason I feel a bit more scattered now that they’re teens. Ha. That’s either my age creeping up on me or the toll having teens takes on you! I agree with every word you said and I try to do many of those things myself. Good luck with staying organized this year, I know you’ll do well. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  2. I totally get it Kathleen! I find I’m not as organized as when the kids were little. Managing teenagers is hard work. Lol. xo- MJ

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