storage solutions & details of a DIY outdoor sideboard

Hello there! I am so glad you are here today, since I am spilling all the details and storage solutions of the DIY refurbished dresser I shared a couple of weeks ago. I am so excited to share all the design details, storage solutions and styling options in the newly refurbished outdoor sideboard.

home organization system guidelines

We all start the new year with goals and dreams in mind. We aim for more organization and successes in our life, aspiring for more peace, health and happiness around us. Invariably some of these thoughts, which are so important at the onset of the year, quickly go by the wayside. Today I’m sharing my home organization system to hopefully inspire you, and help you stay on track throughout the year.

A basic organizational system for your home

Today I am revisiting our home organizational plan, which keeps our home humming and minimizes our stress level. The key to this basic organizational system for your home is developing a Control Journal with all the details.

linen closet organization

Do you need help on how to organize your linen closet? My linen closet includes bed linens, beach and bathroom towels, tabletop linens, upholstery fabrics, and crafting pieces plus more. Here are the details on my linen closet organization.

bathroom reveal

Although this is a formal reveal here on the blog of this bathroom, keep in mind 1) we remodeled this bathroom almost 10 years ago and 2) I did showcase it a bit way back when, but it was before I was lifestyle blogging. Come look at the “formal” bathroom reveal.

lemon inspired kitchen tablescape

I’m loving all the added daylight hours, sunshine and blooms this time of the year gives us.  It’s just a bright and cheery season which is a great mood booster.  It inspired me to set a bright, cheery tablescape in my kitchen.  Yellow to me is a happy color so I wanted to set theContinue reading “lemon inspired kitchen tablescape”

a basic weekly organizational plan

This is the third installment of how I control and organize my household responsibilities, duties, chores, etc..  It’s not easy to balance everything and I know we all struggle with this so I hope this inspires you, even if you only take away one small detail that might help you or if you want toContinue reading “a basic weekly organizational plan”

organizing my life with daily routines

Awhile back I shared with you my organizational system in this post {ways to organize your life better}.  It was a broad stroke interpretation of the system that works for me and I believe anybody can adjust it to fit their lifestyle. ways to organize your life better My one little word for 2019 isContinue reading “organizing my life with daily routines”

happy epiphany

Today is the epiphany.  The three wise men arrived to the birth of baby Jesus, bearing gifts of frankincense, gold & myrrh.  I grew up celebrating this holiday {los reyes magos} and I have instilled the tradition with my own children|family. This morning the masterpiece children woke up to find gifts tucked by their shoesContinue reading “happy epiphany”