linen closet organization

The year is well on it’s way and I have high hopes for 2021 and one of them involves organizing and decluttering my home piece by piece.  Every year we kick off the year with so many organizational projects but soon they dwindle and are soon forgotten.  In order to prevent my organizational plan toContinue reading “linen closet organization”

bathroom reveal

Although this is a formal reveal of this bathroom on my blog please keep in mind 1} we remodeled this bathroom almost 10 years ago and 2} I did showcase it a bit way back when, but it was before I was really lifestyle blogging.  You should check it out here- it was quite theContinue reading “bathroom reveal”

lemon inspired kitchen tablescape

I’m loving all the added daylight hours, sunshine and blooms this time of the year gives us.  It’s just a bright and cheery season which is a great mood booster.  It inspired me to set a bright, cheery tablescape in my kitchen.  Yellow to me is a happy color so I wanted to set theContinue reading “lemon inspired kitchen tablescape”

a basic weekly organizational plan

This is the third installment of how I control and organize my household responsibilities, duties, chores, etc..  It’s not easy to balance everything and I know we all struggle with this so I hope this inspires you, even if you only take away one small detail that might help you or if you want toContinue reading “a basic weekly organizational plan”

organizing my life with daily routines

Awhile back I shared with you my organizational system in this post {ways to organize your life better}.  It was a broad stroke interpretation of the system that works for me and I believe anybody can adjust it to fit their lifestyle. ways to organize your life better My one little word for 2019 isContinue reading “organizing my life with daily routines”

happy epiphany

Today is the epiphany.  The three wise men arrived to the birth of baby Jesus, bearing gifts of frankincense, gold & myrrh.  I grew up celebrating this holiday {los reyes magos} and I have instilled the tradition with my own children|family. This morning the masterpiece children woke up to find gifts tucked by their shoesContinue reading “happy epiphany”

reflections into 2018

Hope everyone had a very merry holiday season with their loved ones.  We had a wonderful Christmas around here with much merriment, family and friends. Now life is slowly getting back to a normalized routine and schedule again. Next week when the Masterpiece children head back to school, I’ll truly feel like I’m back inContinue reading “reflections into 2018”

have a coke and a smile

we all have those running lists of our long coveted items that have remained out of our reach for whatever the reason, being  because they are hard to find, or out of our price range, or frequently damaged or anything else. For me one of these items had been vintage coke crates BUT the caveatContinue reading “have a coke and a smile”

welcome november

All the ghouls and goblins are back in the attic and I have flipped the page thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond. My focus right now is Thanksgiving with some back burner projects for Christmas time. I love hosting Thanksgiving, I love hosting anything actually, but let’s focus on Thanksgiving at the moment. Hosting can be stressfulContinue reading “welcome november”

weathered baskets diy

I wanted to share how I transformed some baskets using paint. It all started when I spied this basket out shopping.  I was drawn to the shape, which is pretty basic but it spoke to me for whatever reason, BUT I didn’t like the color | finish.  You see, at first I saw the naturalContinue reading “weathered baskets diy”