A basic organizational system for your home

Today I am revisiting our home organizational plan, which keeps our home humming and minimizes stress levels. The key to this basic organizational system is developing a personalized plan for your home and how your family functions.

home organizational system

I created this plan years ago, continuously adapting it as our family dynamic evolves and our schedules shift and life changes. To give you some perspective my children were littles and relied on me for everything when I implemented this system. Now my oldest is soon to be 20 and is a sophomore at college, while my youngest is 17 and a senior in high school.

I give a broad stroke review of the entire system in this post:

ways to organize your life better

The first step is to create your Control Journal. What is a control journal you ask? The control journal will contain all the information to keep your organizational plan for your home organized {ironic} and on track.

Control Journal for organizational plan

This is how I have my Control Journal broken up:

  • daily routines
  • weekly plan
  • zones
  • seasonal | annual blueprint

Daily Routines for organizational plan

My daily routines are divided by the times of the day. I have a morning, dinner, and night time routine. You can read all about it in this post:

organizing my life with daily routines

Routines will vary depending on lifestyle and preferences. The one constant though is that the day should start with routines that put our best foot forward. And the day should wind down with self care and reflection.

Weekly Plan for organizational plan

The weekly plan assigns certain tasks to certain days of the week, for example menu planning on Mondays and .laundry on Tuesdays. You can read more details in this post:

a basic weekly organizational plan

Zones for organizational plan

Your home is divided into different zones in this plan. Each zone is assigned a week of the month. During that specific week the assigned zone is decluttered, or deep cleaned, or decorated, etc. You decide what task is required at any given time. This way the entire house is touched in some fashion every month.

My first zone includes the foyer, dining room and front porch. I like to break down my zones by areas of the house so the rooms are in close proximity of each other, but you might prefer to break it down by type of room. For example, you tackle all the bathrooms in the same week, etc.

Annual blueprint for organizational plan

This is the monthly or seasonal plan. In other words the fun stuff. I always say if the rest of the stuff is done, this is the reward. It’s fun to change up decor and make updates depending on the season or the holiday if the house is clean and organized. If it’s not, not so much.

Some things are not as exciting, like scheduling a chimney sweep or dry cleaning the curtains. But decorating for a holiday or planning for celebrations is always fun in my book.

I hope this helps develop a plan for your home. I need to update my control journal and I will be back to expand on more details, but this sets a good foundation. The FlyLady was my foundation for the system I implement today.

“Life truly begins after you have put your house in order.”

Marie Kondo

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  1. I like this idea. I can clearly see the benefits of having things on a seasonal and monthly schedule. Thanks for sharing the idea. I am going to really think about creating this one now that you have put the idea in mind. #HomeMattersParty

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