lemon inspired kitchen tablescape

I’m loving all the added daylight hours, sunshine and blooms this time of the year gives us.  It’s just a bright and cheery season which is a great mood booster.  It inspired me to set a bright, cheery tablescape in my kitchen.  Yellow to me is a happy color so I wanted to set the table with yellow notes.

Lemon inspired tablescape

Yellow and gray is a great color combo that I absolutely love.  My eye is always attracted to this color combination when I see it in fashion, table linens, home decor, anything really.

Lemon inspired tablescape1

I used the lemons and flowers {chamomile, ranunculus, daffodils & filler} to bring in the yellow and I chose to inject gray into the mix by using linens in that color family.  Plus I needed some bling so enter some mercury glass.

Lemon inspired tablescape2

Mercury glass is another obsession of mine.  I actually learned a trick to make faux mercury glass using inexpensive glass from thrift stores and the dollar tree.  You can read the tutorials and details in this post:  {faux mercury glass DIY ~ Ballard Designs knock-off}.

Lemon inspired tablescape3

These salad plates I found at Target years ago and I totally underutilize them.  I have to bring them out more often.  They are extremely versatile since you can dress them down or dress them up depending on the table, mood and other accessories.

Lemon inspired tablescape4

I’m thinking I will use mercury glass in my Easter table this year as well.  I hope to share that here real soon.

Lemon inspired tablescape5

I also have multiple projects going at the moment that I want to share…mostly in my head, lol, but I hope to get moving as soon as the rain stops for good.  Right now we have 2-3 beautiful days and then 2-3 days of rain, rain and more rain.

Lemon inspired tablescape6

I am participating in a Vintage Market the first weekend in May with some friends and I am planning on purging old inventory and some current furniture in our home so I can bring in new furniture as my style has evolved, which includes this kitchen table and chair set by the way.  All of this requires painting and organizing and cleaning.  I am so happy because it aligns perfectly with my organizing goal for 2019.

Lemon inspired tablescape7

I’m really trying to purge my household through three channels; either selling, donating or last ditch effort throwing it out.  I am trying to prevent more things going to the land fill or ocean or wherever it is it lands, but I also want it out of my house!

Lemon inspired tablescape8

I am forcing myself through projects like this tablescape to determine if it’s something I need to keep or if it’s something I can pass on for someone else to enjoy.  If it’s not good enough for a blog post picture and we don’t use it regularly, it needs to go.

Lemon inspired tablescape9

I use these linens all.the.time.  As well as my mercury glass.  As I mentioned the salad plates are underutilized but I love them and I will bring them out more often now that they are on my radar.  I actually put a few of my mercury glass pieces aside to sell at the Vintage Market because they are not my favorite of the bunch.

Lemon inspired tablescape10

Anybody else in this state of mind?  I am not a minimalist by any means but I am trying to minimize the amount of stuff that piles up around here, hidden in cabinets or the garage or the attic.  I am a sentimentalist which sometimes obstructs the purging mechanism but I am trying very hard.

Lemon inspired tablescape11

There’s a fine line between curating fine collections and becoming a hoarder.  I think my line was becoming blurred so I am sharpening it and being very deliberate about the process and the things I want to keep and showcase in our home and my blog.

Lemon inspired tablescape12

It’s tablescapes like this that helps me appreciate the things I use and love and want to keep.  The brightness of the table makes me happy. I am  looking forward to some fun spring mingling with friends and family.

Lemon inspired tablescape13

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
~Leo Tolstoy~


  1. I love the yellow and gray combination, also. Your tablescape is beautiful with the flowers you have chosen and the layering, so many pretty details!

  2. Maryjo, I love that yellow and gray combination, too. And I think it’s great that you are aiming for a carefully curated collection rather than hoarding! With a limited number of things, we can actually use them all. When there’s too much, we’re not using it, we’re just warehousing it.

  3. Lemons are so in right now. Your tablescape is so cute. I love gray and yellow.

  4. Thank you so much Pam. Your comments made my day! xo- mj

  5. So true Jean. I really want to use and showcase everything I have and there’s only so many days in the week, month, year… lol. Thanks you so much for stopping by. xo- mj

  6. Thank you Katie. I love lemons. I have actually created a few posts on the topic and we have a Meyer tree in the backyard but unfortunately it’s done for the season (it produces mainly in the winter) ❄️. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment. xo- mj

  7. I love the lemons! I am also purging, I have a friend who is an antiques dealer and she almost always buys my purge inventory! I am also on target for my decluttering goals for 2019.
    Thank you so much for sharing this bright table at TFT. Also congrats on your feature at Feathered Nest Friday!

  8. Thank you so much Amber! Oh I need a friend like that. That’s perfect. xo- mj

  9. Amy says:

    Hi Mary Jo, I just found your blog. You and I seem to be on the same page. I’m decluttering too, but I have no desire to become a minimalist. I love my vintage treasures! Your style is just lovely. It’s raining here today, so I’m enjoying just exploring your blog.

  10. I have become a huge fan of decorating with lemons so this tablescape really spoke to me! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm.xo Kathleen

  11. Lovely tablescape, Mary Jo… Visiting by way of TFT! We would love to have your link-up at Homestyle Gathering!

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by Amy. I am so glad you found me! xo- mj

  13. Thanks so much Kathleen! Yes, love love, love lemons! xo- mj

  14. Hi Julie! Welcome & thank you for stopping by. I will most certainly stop by Homestyle Gathering tomorrow and link uo. Thanks for letting me know. xo- mj.

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