5 fabulous ways to DIY easter eggs

Easter is landing really late this year and we still have about another month until the Easter Sunday celebration.  Consequently I have not started decorating and prepping for Easter yet but I thought I would share with you some fabulous ways to DIY Easter eggs.

I have done all these techniques in years past and I love bringing these eggs out every year and using them in unique ways.  The best thing about DIYing your own is that you can put your own personal spin on them. You can apply your own color scheme or design etc, truly making it your own and coordinating to your personal style and decor.

German Glass Glitter

Please note you can use any type of glitter here; I just love how German glass glitter patinas & ages. This DIY project was actually inspired by Pottery Barn, which might provide further inspiration on how you might want to adapt yours.   I used styrofoam egg shapes to make these and Miss Mustard Seed German glass glitter. You can read all the details on how to make these yourself on this post:  glitter eggs a la pottery barn.



Once again you can use any type of paper to make these.  I chose sheet music because I like to use sheet music for anything and everything {sidebar: you can read more about my slight obsession with sheet music in this post: sheet music tabletop}.  But anyway, for this project you can use any paper medium you would like, including book pages, wrapping paper, napkins, scrapbook paper, etc.  Anything that has a design that strikes your fancy really.  I have the step by step instructions on this post:  easter eggs.


5 fabulous ways to diy esater eggs2

I chose to make these eggs with a Tiffany theme but the options are really limitless.  You can use any color paint, any ribbon style and an infinite number of embellishments.  I made these during my consigning days when I had two booths. These sold out of so I don’t have any of my own.  Wooden eggs were used to create these and you can find the tutorial in this post: {easter eggs}.

5 fabulous ways to diy esater eggs3


I know these are a favorite of most and although it’s a bit messy, it’s pretty easy to do.  You can read about my inspiration when I made these on this post: {eye-catching ways to add moss to your tabletop}.  The same technique was used than the one used to make my moss covered pumpkins in this post:  {dollar tree pumpkin upcycle | makeovers}.  I love decorating with moss as I know many of you do too.  More mossy spring decor will be coming your way real soon.


These are actually more fun to decorate after they are done with whatever chalk art you wish to use.  You can use either, words, letters, #s, designs, stencils, etc.  I don’t have an exact  step by step tutorial for these but I simply used chalkboard paint on paper mache egg forms.  You could also use wood ones as well.  Apply 3 coats of chalkboard paint allowing plenty of drying time in between each one.  Then get creative with your chalk art.  It’s super fun and super easy.

I hope these ideas inspire you to craft some Easter eggs of your own.  I know this post has inspired me to bring out my Easter decor and maybe start decorating a bit for the upcoming, but not soon enough, holiday.

“Easter is the only time when it’s perfectly safe to put all your eggs in one basket.”

Evan Esar


  1. Glitter glass ones are my favorite! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  2. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh, I love those glitter glass eggs! I also love the decoupage using sheet music. Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  3. Liberty B says:

    I love the music note eggs! Maybe one day I’ll be successful at decoupage….

  4. Thanks Kathleen! I really can’t choose, they’re like children…can’t pick a favorite. lol. Thanks for stopping by sweet friends. xo- mj

  5. Thanks for stopping by Amy and hosting every week. I love joining your parties and I do appreciate you hopping over and leaving a comment. xo- mj

  6. Hi Liberty. Give it a try- this is super forgiving since you are working with strips and can have them pinch & wrinkle. Good luck friend. xo- mj

  7. What great ideas for eggs, looks nice!! Thanks so much for linking up with me at A Themed Linkup 48 for Crafts and DIY. Pinned!

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