easter eggs

I’m very inspired for Easter this year since we’ll be hosting at our house.  I’ve been decorating, crafting and menu planning.  Here are some Easter eggs I crafted.  Moss bunny rabbit crowned my easter egg display for Paris Flea Market last weekend.  Isn’t he cute?  He sold but of course I have one for myself at home.  We all know it’s an addiction.  I made two different kinds of eggs to sell, music eggs & tiffany eggs.
For the music eggs all you need are cheap-o plastic eggs, sheet music, modge podge, a foam brush and a propensity to not care if you get really messy & sticky.  I myself, had all these things on hand.  I have a plethora of plastic eggs from my kid’s playgroup Easter egg hunts and they sit in my easter bin year after year so I’m glad I finally found a good purpose for them.  I chastise myself for holding onto things that I no longer use but it’s moments like this where I feel a teeny tiny bit of redemption.  Anyway, I also tend to pick up old sheet music in my thrifting travels since I use it all the time for all sorts of projects.  And as the crazy crafter that I am modge podge & foam brushes are of course always in my stash.
So I started by cutting the sheet music into strips anywhere from 1/2-3/4″ thick by 1-6 inches long.  This is not an exact science so don’t sweat the measurements.  I applied a thin coat of modge podge all over the egg to condition it and then applied modge podge on a longer strip of sheet music and adhere it to the egg around the seam.  Then continued to apply modge podge to the sheet music strips and adhering them to the egg in random directions, selecting sizes that will cover the area you’re working on.  Cover the whole egg as you pull, pinch and wrinkle the paper.  I use the same technique I use to form meatballs to get all the paper attached to the egg.  finish by applying a thin layer of modge podge to seal it and let it dry fully.  Voila!
Things I learned, let me reword that, things I would not do again.  Don’t use styrofoam eggs.  I bought these with this project in mind and the styrofoam and modge podge didn’t really hit it off.  So if you have any suggestions on what to do w/ styrofoam eggs please lmk ‘cuz I have a bag of them.  It’s much appreciated.  I considered glittering them but haven’t given it a go yet?  Also don’t freak out when the first couple of paper strips have a hard time adhering, just keep working, it all comes together beautifully.  AND give yourself a block of time to work on this since your hands will be totally unusable for anything else without a good scrubbing.  I of course did this in between a million other things so I had to stop and scrub 3 or 4 times so this project took me much longer than it should have.
For the Tiffany eggs you’ll need wooden eggs, blue paint, trimmings and a hot glue gun.  I gave all the eggs 2 coats of paint and let them dry thoroughly.  when they could be handled again I cut different types of ribbon to fit around the center of egg & then hot glued it to the egg.  The ribbon that showed obvious seams I accented w/ a button to cover the seam.  Darling!
I packaged them in sets of 3, and all my Tiffany eggs sold last weekend.  Only a portion of the music eggs sold so they will be moving over to Room with a Past for next week’s sale.
And secretly I want to use some of them in my easter table scape, but I have a feeling I’ll be making a 2nd batch of these.  (I have plenty of plastic eggs to spare).   Maybe I’ll even gift some as well.  Can u tell I really love these?
I apologize for the awful lighting in my photography.  Something is wrong with my camera & I have to have it serviced but I don’t want to be without it sooooo I haven’t done it yet.   Hopefully soon.
Joyeuse Paques!


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