linen closet organization

Do you need help on how to organize your linen closet? My linen closet includes bed linens, beach and bathroom towels, tabletop linens, upholstery fabrics, and crafting pieces plus more. Here are the details on my linen closet organization.

linen closet organization

The year is well on it’s way and I have high hopes for the year ahead. One of them involves organizing and decluttering my home, piece by piece.  Every year we kick off the year with so many organizational projects, but soon they dwindle and are soon forgotten.  In order to prevent my organizational plan to fall off the cliff this year I have outlined manageable and compartmentalized projects to complete each month.

linen closet organization

For the month of January, I wanted to tackle the linen closet since it houses all my tabletop linens. I want the process of setting pretty tables to be an enjoyable process with the least amount of stress. The closet also stores bed linens, bathroom towels, beach towels and utility towels plus pillows and pillow covers and much, much more.

closet organization

I had organized this closet a few years ago, and slowly it had deteriorated more and more until I could not take it anymore!  I am embarrassed to show you how it looked a few weeks ago.

linen organization

process for the linen closet organization

corral like items together

Baskets, bins, labels and tags helps keep the organization organized. Fingers crossed I can get the whole family on board to keep it neat and tidy as well.

organizing a linen closet

purge, purge and purge some more

I purged many items that I have not used in many, many years to my donation pile.  I had craft fabrics from when the kids were littles and they are now 19 and 16.  Yup, it is time to let them go.  I filled two large garbage bags with donation items.  


I also found many items for projects that have been on the back burner, which are now moving to the front of the line.  I am excited to get some of them done, and I will be sharing them here with you as I get them done.  Stay tuned.

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linen closet organization

organization tools

One of my favorite things are the wire baskets.  I used them to store many of my tabletop linens by color families.  They are much easier to use and pull to pick just the right napkins.  I can access the ones in the back simply by pulling out the basket rather than making a mess in the way back of the closet when I grab something and or have difficulty seeing it so I pull out the wrong item and then it never gets put back the right way.  You know what I mean?  I think some of you can relate.

organization 101

I also chose the Rachel Ashwell shabby chic bins to house not so pretty items. The shabby chic bins had been relegated to the garage from my daughter’s old room when she remodeled her room. I decided to use them here to store not the prettiest of things since you cannot see what’s inside the bins.  The tags help me {and the rest of the family} identify exactly what’s in each bin.  This way aesthetically all you see when you open the closet is the pretty Shabby Chic florals on the bins and not the everyday utility towels, etc. hidden in each bin.

organizing tips

The top shelf houses mostly vintage linens inherited from my parents and grandparents.  I try to use as much as I can but I truly own too much to use on the daily.  I have some ideas to repurpose some of the items which would lend themselves to be more relevant to our current lifestyle.  More on that to come later, but for now they are organized and patiently, orderly waiting.

parting thoughts on linen closet organization

Organization provides peace of mind and reduces stress. Now when I open the linen closet doors I am at ease rather than frustrated. It minimizes my brain clutter.  Project done.  Check.  Yes I am list maker, and I love to cross things off the list.

ways to organize your linen closet

I hope this inspires you to organize a closet, cabinet, corner or whatever it might be in your home.  Have a great day! 

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“Good order is the foundation of all things”.

Edmund Burke


  1. Naush Samama says:

    Wow !! Your closet looks stunning. I love an orderly linen closet with wire bins and labels, but with 4 other pairs of hands rummaging thru them, its hard to keep them organized.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Meraki Link Party. Delighted, you could join us.
    Much love

  2. Thanks Naush. It does make me so happy every time I open the linen closet. Have a great day sweet friend. XO- MJ

  3. Bonnie says:

    Where can I buy wire baskets?

    1. DEE MCNEIL says:


  4. Pat Watson says:

    I would be afraid the wire baskets would rust over time, especially since this is in the bathroom.

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