thrifted green transferware goodies

I absolute love transferware dishes. Finding vintage transferware pieces while thrift shopping is always a thrill for me. You too? Well, you’re going to love this post then. Through the years I have accumulated an eclectic collection of green transferware. Come see my thrifted green transferware home goodies, and how I mix and match them in different ways around my home.

book print Christmas decor ideas

It’s no secret that I love using book pages to create unique, crafted pieces. This post is full of easy and creative book print Christmas decor ideas. I’m pulling this from the archives and I still use all these pieces to this day.

vintage thrifting – tips & tricks

Do you love to thrift shop? If you do, this post is for you. I love the thrill of the hunt and finding that awesome find! Like everything in life, having a strategy always helps, and here are some tips & tricks for thrifting.

through the seasons – a wooden dough bowl

Wooden dough bowls, whether vintage or replicas, are a great vessel to decorate through the year during various holidays. Today we share a variety of ideas on how to fill and decorate a wooden dough bowl to compliment the seasons. We have not published a through the seasons installment on the blog in quite awhile,Continue reading “through the seasons – a wooden dough bowl”

why you should always thrift shop while on the road

Last week was my daughter’s Spring Break and we took a quick break and trip up to Incline Village on Lake Tahoe.  We were there for four days and one of the things I looked up to do in the area was to visit a local thrift store.  Why would I do that?  Let meContinue reading “why you should always thrift shop while on the road”

linen closet organization

Do you need help on how to organize your linen closet? My linen closet includes bed linens, beach and bathroom towels, tabletop linens, upholstery fabrics, and crafting pieces plus more. Here are the details on my linen closet organization.

my latest dish obsession

I know most of us share a love for pretty dishes from ironstone to transfer-ware to delicate china patterns to much, much more. Today I want share my latest dish obsession of Wonki Ware, a handmade dinner table top pottery. the Wonki Ware scoop Wonki Ware originated in South Africa where it has been produced forContinue reading “my latest dish obsession”

mercury glass – tips & techniques

Do you love mercury glass as much as I do?  I have accumulated quite a few pieces over the years for both everyday decor to particular seasonal items.   easter mantel 2016 Mercury glass, also referred to as silvered glass, was considered poor man’s silver when it first hit the scene in the mid 19thContinue reading “mercury glass – tips & techniques”

birthday wishes

My birthday just passed and I feel truly blessed with the love all around me from the little messages on social media to the efforts my family and friends made to make it special.  Not big festivities but still intimate appreciation.  I just want to share some of the fun things my birthday brought uponContinue reading “birthday wishes”

chippy shutter centerpiece

Hi friends!  I just wanted to quickly show you a new centerpiece I was inspired to create. It’s not a novel idea nor is it a new shutter but it’s a fresh piece for my home. I’ve had this old shutter kicking around for awhile now.  Like in years and years kicking around for awhileContinue reading “chippy shutter centerpiece”