thanksgiving organization 101

I have my decorations, menu and tablescape all set for the Thanksgiving holiday. All the fun stuff. But what keeps me sane and able to enjoy the holiday is staying as organized as possible. Here are some of my tips and methods to keep me organized so I can enjoy the season. With my menuContinue reading “thanksgiving organization 101”

south carolina here we come…

So we’re off to South Carolina today to visit grandma & grandpa for Thanksgiving.  The kids are ubber excited and we’re looking forward to spending some time in their new home.  I feel good ‘cuz: I finished all my kits for the craft boutique (I’ll post more about this when I get back) I finishedContinue reading “south carolina here we come…”

happy stamp storage

Or as Martha would say a “good thing”.  Anyway, a little store in town called the Polka Dot Attic moved locations over spring break because the town is tearing down her cute little store along with a bunch of old buildings to build condos.  They call it progress, but I wonder……….???  Anyway, back to theContinue reading “happy stamp storage”