picnic on a mountain top

Hello friends! Today I want to share some pretty pictures from a picnic at a local state park. Instead of attending crowded restaurants during certain holidays we prefer to journey to remote locations. What did you do for Father’s Day? We chose to have a family picnic on a mountain top.

why you should always thrift shop while on the road

Last week was my daughter’s Spring Break and we took a quick break and trip up to Incline Village on Lake Tahoe.  We were there for four days and one of the things I looked up to do in the area was to visit a local thrift store.  Why would I do that?  Let meContinue reading “why you should always thrift shop while on the road”

a farewell fall tablescape

Last week we took Sebastian, my baby boy, our first born, my only son, to University of Oregon.  He is an incoming Freshman and between Covid-19, the wildfires, unsettling protests and who knows what else it’s very unnerving to leave him.  As set a pretty farewell fall tablescape with one of his favorite meals forContinue reading “a farewell fall tablescape”

Bon Voyage to Oregon

A couple of weeks ago we took a quick trip up to Oregon.  It was a celebratory and exploratory trip rolled up into one.  Since we drove, it was a trip our family felt comfortable taking and it was a much needed respite after months of SIP and general nationwide uncertainty. We missed out onContinue reading “Bon Voyage to Oregon”

Renew, Refuel, Revitalize

So in the last month I have been gone three different weekends, which caused me to step back from the blog a bit {not by design mind you}.  In turn it has re-energized me with a slew of new ideas & inspiration, which I canNOT wait to share with all of you.  Sometimes it’s goodContinue reading “Renew, Refuel, Revitalize”

spring has sprung

So we just got back from a week in paradise. This was our daily view.  Not bad huh? And when we got home we realized it had been gorgeous around these parts as well. Our Bradford pear trees in the backyard are in full bloom! We have 5 that line the back fence in theContinue reading “spring has sprung”

good-bye summer…hello fall

School is back in session. Labor day has come & gone, shutting down the door on summer firmly. I’ve tried to get into an autumnal festive spirit, but this northern California weather with temps over 100 degrees has made it challenging… ..but let me back up a bit. Our summer ended in grand fashion &Continue reading “good-bye summer…hello fall”

a little valentine’s decor

 We’re not traveling to St. Thomas this week like we usually do, so I’m sprinkling a little valentine’s love around the house since I have some time on my hands. A few weeks ago I gave a little sneak peek to some tabletop valentine fun I was creating | planning.  You can see the sneakContinue reading “a little valentine’s decor”

a brand new year full of possibilities

So I’ve been reflecting a bit since I cleaned up Christmas. And trying to set my goals and prioritize my aspirations for 2015. My house is almost, almost back to normal. And it’s nice to feel clean & look around, but unfortunately I see all the projects I want to get done. Last year IContinue reading “a brand new year full of possibilities”