happy hallow’s eve

Busy, busy day.  It started with Halloween parade at Lexi’s elementary school followed later on by classroom party at lunch and topped off with block party in our neighborhood and we can’t forget the amazing trick or treating to wrap it all up.  It was awesome and perfect but i. am. e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d !!! We leaveContinue reading “happy hallow’s eve”

goodbye november

So Fall has come & gone and it is officially winter wonderland time.  Here are the things our family was grateful for this Thanksgiving season: We all picked something we’re thankful for although when we read them they really apply to the whole family.  This is the order they are written: Maryjo, Lexi, Sebi &Continue reading “goodbye november”

summertime ~ part II

In July we were blessed with the annual summer visit from grandma Marina & grandpa Mike.  The kids were counting down the days and we all anticipated the fun that lay in store.  This time we visited Pismo Beach & Hearst Castle.  First order of business while in Pismo beach?  Celebrating grandma’s birthday! The nextContinue reading “summertime ~ part II”

fun father festivities

So Matt comes home from his business trip late Friday night & wonders what we’ll be doing for Father’s day.  So I tell him that we’ll be going on a pic nic.  Probably to Mt. Diablo as we’ve done in year’s past; I hadn’t really ironed out all the details in my head; typical MaryJo…. Continue reading “fun father festivities”