summertime ~ part III

On the heels of the visit from grandma & grandpa we had a quick overnight visit from Gail & Greg Cox from back east.  Greg & Gail are Sebastian’s godparents and we don’t get to see them often enough.  I always forget how funny Greg is, which only makes him even that much more fun.  He’s funny in a sly when you least expect it kind of way.  It’s always endless laughing with these two.  We dined in Walnut Creek and ended up at the Vine in Danville.  Fabi joined the fun and all though it was a quick visit we packed in the fun.  The kids of course had tons of fun too.
Apparently Sebi & Lexi found him funny too.
We ended our summer festivities with our trip to Cabo San Lucas.
That was the view form our balcony @ the Pueblo Bonita and we were right on el Medano Beach, walking distance to the Office on the beach.  Great location and packed full of fun & activities.  Although I picked this resort because this beach is the most kid friendly, the kids preferred to spend their time in the pool.
Every night there was some type of fiesta somewhere, with pinatas, food, dancing, etc.
Lexi got the first crack at the pinata.
Sebi in cotton candy heaven.
On the boat; snorkeling, swimming, diving, kayaking, sightseeing, eating, drinking….realy, Really, REALLY fun!
The Arc.
The Scooby Doo rock from behind.
One night we ate on the beach.  The restaurant in our resort sets up tables on the beach underneath lit up tents.  Really pretty and super relaxing….and gives the kids plenty of room to play while Matt & I enjoyed ourselves.
Fun was had by all!
The only unfortunate part of the trip was that Sebi developed an ear infection towards the end of the trip.  By the time we got home he had a double ear infection, was in terrible pain, could barely move his head, and was just in a bad way.  School was a week away and Sebastian was NOT himself.  Anyway, after a week of American meds (as opposed to the Mexican ones administered 1st….) good old Sebastian was back.
The kids went back to school last week and although summer is not officially over according to the solstice, it is according to our life schedule.  the kids love their teachers and life is settling back into a routine.

1st day of school.  All the anxiousness I can see in my kids’ face is now gone as they integrated happily into their perspective classrooms.  Makes for a happy momma!



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  1. evalyn says:

    Looks like an awesome trip! Back to a (new) routine here too…

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