birthday wishes

My birthday just passed and I feel truly blessed with the love all around me from the little messages on social media to the efforts my family and friends made to make it special.  Not big festivities but still intimate appreciation.  I just want to share some of the fun things my birthday brought uponContinue reading “birthday wishes”

through the seasons ~ a wreath

It was such a great exercise and fun to share my garden orbs through many seasons & holidays that I thought I would start a new series showcasing a consistent item dressed up for many different occasions. Today I’m sharing my front door wreath, which I love just simple & plain but it does getContinue reading “through the seasons ~ a wreath”

antiquing & sipping wine

I was lucky enough to spend my sunday afternoon in Napa sipping wine and antiquing at a private shopping event with some fine ladies. I only got a few small items since I’m going to Newport Beach next weekend with some girlfriends and we are planning on shopping & junking to our heart’s content throughContinue reading “antiquing & sipping wine”

trick or treat 2015

Trick or treat. Give me something good to eat. The spooky, ghoulish day is finally here. We have an action planned day with cheerleading practice, baseball game, pumpkin patch team bonding event, pumpkin carving and finally trick or treating. Of course we have to divide & conquer to get it all done. We’re also dividingContinue reading “trick or treat 2015”

fun father festivities

So Matt comes home from his business trip late Friday night & wonders what we’ll be doing for Father’s day.  So I tell him that we’ll be going on a pic nic.  Probably to Mt. Diablo as we’ve done in year’s past; I hadn’t really ironed out all the details in my head; typical MaryJo…. Continue reading “fun father festivities”

…and the oscar goes to…

So in honor of the recent Academy Awards here are a couple of movie reviews.  Totally unrelated to the goings on from Sunday, but reviews none the less. Shutter Island.  just saw this in the theaters a couple of weeks ago.  Ok, i love Leo (politics aside) & Mark & psychological thrillers & Scorsese (for the most part),Continue reading “…and the oscar goes to…”

eight, hamlet, vip

We just got back from St. Thomas (which I’ll post about once I upload my pictures), but before we left we had a whirlwind of activity.  All good.  Sebastian, my first born (not including the furry, four legged dependent variety), was the one to be celebrated.  On January 31st he turned eight, on February 3rdContinue reading “eight, hamlet, vip”