through the seasons ~ a wreath

It was such a great exercise and fun to share my garden orbs through many seasons & holidays that I thought I would start a new series showcasing a consistent item dressed up for many different occasions.
Today I’m sharing my front door wreath, which I love just simple & plain but it does get a chance to be dressed up for so many different reasons.  If you want more details for any particular wreath just click the link below the main photograph.

Thru the seasons-a wreath

The basic wreath is super plain, which I personally love, but it also creates a blank canvas for so many things.  An oval grapevine form with some black striped burlap ribbon was all it took to get it started.

 valentine wreath 1

You saw it recently dressed with a white hydrangea for my slow transition into spring, which added a touch of freshness to welcome folks through the door.  Just one simple detail with a huge impact.
Spring touches1spring touches…slowly
Not too long before that I showed you how i created a moss {XOXO} for the valentine’s day holiday.
 valentine wreath 6a valentine wreath
And before that christmastime, which of course is the funnest season to decorate for, in my opinion.  A few years ago I simply added baubles and greenery.
Thru the seasons-a wreath1christmas welcome
Just a couple of mercury glass ornaments with a few extra branches from our christmas tree tied with a piece of burlap.   Super easy & I love the simplicity of it.

Thru the seasons-a wreath2

This past christmas I simply added a gold glittery {Merry Christmas} sign.  I didn’t really have to do anything to adhere it, I hung the gold ribbon around the burlap knot and between the glitter texture & the grapevine twigs they sort of clung to each other.  I kept expecting it to fall off with one of the many door openings and slamming of kids coming in & out but nope, it hung on.  It does not get easier than that.
Thru the seasons-a wreath3the hustle & bustle of the season
 Before the end of the year big holiday season we have the period of gratitude.  I created these tags a few years back  to add to the wreath for the thanksgiving holiday.  You can read all the details on the original post.
Thanksgiving welcome1thanksgiving welcome
I usually add some hydrangeas from the garden that have dried out at the end of the flowering season.

Thanksgiving welcome2

I love the texture the hydrangeas add.  This past year I added a pine cone with the dried flowers for an added detail.  It’s great to have the same canvas that I can tweak from year to year depending on what catches my eye.
Thankful8thankful, grateful, blessed
I love how this welcomes our guests during the thanksgiving holiday season.


And the month before that I simply added a small detail to the hydrangeas to welcome all the trick or treaters.
Halloween 2017-5 happy all hallows’ eve 2017
Just a little black bird perched on the hydrangeas.  he’s almost too cute to be scary.

Halloween 2017-4

He’s from the dollar tree so besides being super easy it was also super inexpensive.  The year before i used these glittery bats I created.
Halloween2016 3halloween 2016
If you want all the details on how I made these you can find them here.  I really love how the wreath sets the tone as my guests walk through the door.
Halloween2016 5
Before all the holidays in the early fall it’s simply adorned with dried hydrangeas, leaves and a pine cone.
Fall porh9fall porch 2016
All similar yet different with subtle detail differences, welcoming all our family and friends as they enter our home.

Fall porh7

And to get ready for the upcoming  summer here’s a patriotic version.
Patriotic 2let freedom ring
“symbolizing eternal hope, the wreath goes ’round and ’round, and where it starts or ends cannot be found. woven of things that grow – for life, and hung for holiday delight the wreath must be left in place from advent through twelfth night.”


  1. Each is very pretty and it’s a great idea to keep the base wreath and change the decor. It saves space and money. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing this with us at Celebrate Your Story.

  2. What gorgeous porch decor! All of it! I so wish we had a covered porch:( I absolutely love that Christmas porch, and those hydrangeas! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

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