the playoff crazies

So this is Sebastian’s 3rd year in little league, 5th year doing some kind of baseball activity, BUT it’s the first time he’s had actual playoff games on dirt fields with umpires, score keeping and crazy mothers screaming on the sidelines.  Yup, it’s pretty exciting.  He’s on the Cardinals team of the Farm division on theContinue reading “the playoff crazies”

my social butterfly

Lexi was invited to 5, yes F-I-V-E, parties this weekend.  We graciously declined to one since it overlapped with the other classmate’s birthday party.  The one for Saturday night (which actually was a family affair) I simply pooped out on and didn’t drive the 1/2 hour it required to get there.  I was exhausted from theContinue reading “my social butterfly”

the happiest place on earth

So last month (I’ve been wanting to post about this forever now) we took our annual Disneyland trip & it did not disappoint.  We actually didn’t go last year since we always go sometime between Sept-Dec & that’s about the time the house took over our lives.  Remember that?  If you’re really interested you canContinue reading “the happiest place on earth”

this, that & the other

THIS.  So we finally made it to the Pumpkin Patch.  We’ve been coming here, Joan’s Farm, since Sebastian was born & this is the first year the weather wasn’t sunny & warm.  This is California after all.  It was very windy & it actually drizzled on us a few times but the kids still hadContinue reading “this, that & the other”