Renew, Refuel, Revitalize

So in the last month I have been gone three different weekends, which caused me to step back from the blog a bit {not by design mind you}.  In turn it has re-energized me with a slew of new ideas & inspiration, which I canNOT wait to share with all of you.  Sometimes it’s goodContinue reading “Renew, Refuel, Revitalize”

good-bye summer…hello fall

School is back in session. Labor day has come & gone, shutting down the door on summer firmly. I’ve tried to get into an autumnal festive spirit, but this northern California weather with temps over 100 degrees has made it challenging… ..but let me back up a bit. Our summer ended in grand fashion &Continue reading “good-bye summer…hello fall”

football games & flea markets

That was my life last weekend.  Saturday was the Sebastian bowl as we celebrated his 10th birthday with all his buddies.  Here’s Seb’s field of awesomeness: It’s hard to read in the picture but that’s exactly what it says on the field “Seb’s field of awesomeness” as per the the birthday boy’s request.  Daddy workedContinue reading “football games & flea markets”

this boy

Is obsessed with baseball If Sebastian isn’t playing baseball, then he’s watching baseball; otherwise he’s talking about baseball or he’s organizing his baseball cards.  He can’t get enough.  We’re currently 2-0 in the Danville Llittle League AA playoffs and we are eagerly awaiting our next game on Tuesday evening.  I’m proud of Matt & SebastianContinue reading “this boy”

what did you do this weekend?

During the week I spend my time juggling many different balls; running my household, volunteering at school, working Vintage Creations, being a mom, etc, etc, etc.  but on the weekend it’s all about baseballs & softballs. hese two keep us pretty busy and Matt & I are loving every minute of it. Sebastian has keptContinue reading “what did you do this weekend?”

around here…..

So I have so much to post, so much to tell, so much to write about… our trip to Disneyland, and our current halloween preparation, and Lexi’s sleepover, and my scrapbooking updates, and just what’s going on around here in general…. I’ll start with what monopolizes our weekends this beautiful fall season.  Lexi’s soccer matchesContinue reading “around here…..”