family update

It’s been a long time since I last updated & there’s so many things I want to share, tell, write about that I’m going to spread them out.  Here goes my family update:
Crazy hair day at school.  Of course Lexi was all over it.  Nine pony tails later…..she was all set to go.  On the other hand, Sebastian wanted nothing to do with it; although he did start the morning by saying he wanted a ponytail on the top of his head, but quickly changed his mind (gotta say I was happy about that decision).
Girls’ tea party.  My girlfriend & I took the girls to tea at The English Rose in Pleasanton.  it was SO adorable & totally yummy.  The place was super cute & catered to the adults as well as the little girls.  everything is mismatched from the furniture to the tea cups to the linens, etc., but brought together by the Very Victorian theme.
These two crack me up!!!  Very fun AND very Girlie!!!
Looking forward to a lifetime of girlie things with THIS girl!
Lexi has a new friend in the neighborhood and they have become fast BFFs.  they’re inseparable when they are both home.  Always up to some mischief.  they crack me up.
One of Lexi’s favorite things to do at the moment?  Stick her head out the window & let the wind blow through her new cute, short hair.
In a nutshell? Baseball, Baseball and more BASEBALL!  Although the season has ended for the Danville little league single A Yankees, Sebastian is fully immersed.  Matt managed his team this year and I have to admit I loved the entire experience.
IMG_6242He really enjoys playing all sorts of positions from the catching to the throwing to the running, but there’s nothing quite like swinging the bat….
…..and connecting…..
…..and getting on first, waiting for the next hitter next to dad- the 1st base coach.  Doesn’t get better than that!  I wish I had a picture of Sebi scoring, rounding home ‘cuz the look on his face is always priceless; pure satisfaction.  The kid loves it!  And I love the smirk he always gives mom as he rounds home.
We lucked out with a great team with a great mix of parents and players alike.  Thank you to the coaches for a great season.  Summer ball bring it on!
We’re just along for the ride our kids take us on.  We just celebrated 13 years of marriage and I’m looking forward to the next thirteen.  Sebi will be 21 and Lexi almost 19.  I can’t even imagine……


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