kicking off the summer

So the end of school caught us with the end of baseball season because of all the rain delays….AND we swept the winners bracket to become the DLL AA Champs.  SO proud of Matt & Sebastian.  We finished the season in the 5th seed out of 8 (I think), pretty middle of the pack, but then Matt coached & played the kids just right to bring it all the way home!  Such a wonderful experience.  Matt’s balance between understanding fundamental baseball and understanding the capacity of a 9/10 year old was genius (I used that term just for you honey)!
This happened the day before school let out.  Then we had last day of school festivities & before I know it Sebastian was leaving for summer camp.  His first sleep away camp experience for the entire family.  We all drove him there & believe we left him in good hands.
Meet james, one of his cabin counselors.  The ration was 2 to 8 in the cabin.  loving it!
Can’t wait to hear all about his adventures.  The house is awfully quiet but I still have this little one to share a week of one on one time.
Loving the girl time together.  Matt’s in Chicago on business for 3 days this week so it truly is just the two of us.  Looking forward to having the family together again.


I love hearing from you!