this boy

Is obsessed with baseball
HS8H7367_A's vs Giants
If Sebastian isn’t playing baseball, then he’s watching baseball; otherwise he’s talking about baseball or he’s organizing his baseball cards.  He can’t get enough.  We’re currently 2-0 in the Danville Llittle League AA playoffs and we are eagerly awaiting our next game on Tuesday evening.  I’m proud of Matt & Sebastian for a fabulous season the family has fully enjoyed.
Is sporting a new do.
Did you notice that long hair peaking out of his baseball cap in the 1st picture?  Well, no more surfer dude hair.  Now I have my armed forces crew cut boy and he looks great.  I have to admit I couldn’t find him out in the field his 1st game after the haircut ‘cuz I was looking for his great blond curls but as much as I loved his long hair I’m digging the new look.
Is an excellent student
There’s only two weeks left of school and although we’re all ready for a relaxed schedule Sebastian maintains his academic dedication ’til the very end.  Here’s proof of his last science test.  Just hope school keeps coming easily to him as he grows up.  He always makes us proud.
Is a hero
Talking about school & making us proud, Sebastian acted responsibly and beyond his years on Friday at school and became hero for the day.  He helped a fellow student in 5th grade who became tangled while playing with a friend to the point of choking and endangering her life.  Sebastian acted quickly and notified an adult so the girl was quickly saved and escorted to the ER.  The mother reached out to us to thank us personally for Sebastian’s heroic act, which brought tears to our eyes.
Is about to sprout major independence wings
Sebastian will be attending sleep away camp for the first time this summer.  He’s attending Mountain Camp at the end of June and as the time draws near I’m already missing him.  I know it’s a fabulous experience for him but I think the first time is always hard for him and for us.  He’ll be there with one of his good buddies so he’s super excited and I know he’ll have an absolute blast.  My big boy is growing up!
words cannot express all i feel for this boy.



  1. Tracy says:

    Well done Sebastian!

  2. evalyn says:

    What a fantastic son you have!

  3. kelly says:

    What a beautiful post!!

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