what did you do this weekend?

During the week I spend my time juggling many different balls; running my household, volunteering at school, working Vintage Creations, being a mom, etc, etc, etc.  but on the weekend it’s all about baseballs & softballs.
hese two keep us pretty busy and Matt & I are loving every minute of it.
Sebastian has kept us busy with baseball for a few years now but we stepped it up this year by adding a travel ball team along with his regular Danville Little League team.  This year he’s playing for the DLL AA Giants, which Matt is managing.
And for Danville Baseball Academy he’s playing on the U9 Crushers team which Matt is coaching.
But have you met Sebastian’s sister?  Well, she can’t be left far behind & she started playing softball this year.  She’s on the Golden Eagles team for the San Ramon Valley girls’ athletic league.
How cute is she?!!?  She’s totally into it & I’m impressed how well she’s doing considering dad really hasn’t had time to work with her.  Here she is at bat.
The helmet is bigger than  she is.  Imagine with full catcher’s gear?  Here she is, my little peanut:
Lexi had a game Saturday, Sunday & Monday while Sebastian had games on Saturday & Monday plus the Danville little league carnival was on Sunday.  A whole lot of ball activity going on and if that wasn’t enough excitement to keep us plenty busy Sebastian had to add some drama on Saturday evening, landing all of us in the ER for almost 4 hours.  Playing with friends in the backyard he slipped, because he was only wearing socks with no sneakers I might add, and cracked his head open.  The plastic surgeon had to apply some deep stitches because he broke skin & muscle, reaching his skull.  Good times.  And if I hear one more person say “boys will be boys” one more time I might have to crack that person’s head open.  Here’s my young frankenstein:




  1. Sharyn says:

    Great photos!

  2. Becky says:

    Love the top photo of the kids – gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I have been enjoying reading yours this evening.

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