got my eye on you

Here are some of the things I’ve been eyeing lately, or have my eye on or have simply eyed. It all sounds like the same thing, doesn’t it?  But there is a subtle distinction.  Some stuff I just like to look at, other stuff I’m looking to get my hands on as well as my eyes and some stuff I already have and just keep eyeing ‘cuz I love it so much.  Y’all know the feeling and it’s a GOOD feeling.
Eye montage
{1}   belle camera bag in turquoise by epiphanie – I’ve had my eye on this pretty lady & I keep hemming and hawing mainly ‘cuz my hubby is the kind of guy to pick up my bag and/or my camera during outings, vacations and in general so I want to make the right decision for both of us and although this bag rocks in so many ways I don’t think it’s his style or color.
{2}   metropolitan mixed chain necklace by stella & dot – I’ve liked this necklaces since I spied it for the first time and although I keep eyeing it I find the price a bit steep and I would like to make my own version w/ vintage brooches; we’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.
{3}  this is a bird cloche I made on one of my pedestal plates for Vintage Creations.  I made 3 different ones and sold one at a show last week.  I’m so glad this one didn’t sell, ‘cuz I keep eyeing it and I’ve decided I’m keeping it.  So in my foyer it sits and I eye it & smile every time I walk by.  More to come on these latest additions to Vintage Creations in a later post.
{4}   italian hotel satin stitch sheeting ivory collection by restoration hardware.  I had eyed this bedding for a long time and it’s finally on my bed so my eye is on it quite frequently {wink}.  Hubby finally got us the new tempurpedic bed so of course I had to get a new bedding ensemble to match.  loving the new bed, bedding and better sleep it has provided.
{5}   fraid espadrille sandal in taupe by steve madden.  I have been eyeing these for awhile.  They have been in my cart a few times  & I just haven’t clicked on proceed to check out…yet.  Also found at Nordstrorms or Zappos.
{6}   fringed vintage flower pin by jill schwartz.  Caught my eye.  Very pretty.  but I am not sure what I would do with it. But lovely to look at none the less.
{7}   emerald poppy blouse by anthropologie. This has definitely caught my eye and the fact that it’s on sale is a bonus.  It’s been in my shopping bag more than once but I haven’t been able to seal the deal. Not sure why, but I keep eyeing it.
Do u have your eye on anything?
This post was spring boarded by prompt #3 in shimelle’s blogging for scrapbookers class.  I do this type of post sporadically ‘cuz years from now it’ll be interesting and VERY fun to look at & see what styles, colors designs, etc. I liked.  Love all the blog hopping and inspiration this class is provided.



  1. Amy says:

    Oh, that camera bag is just sublime …. I am so glad you take into consideration your husband’s tastes! 😉

  2. evalyn says:

    I love that camera bag–the color is so pretty! I’ve been eyeing that one, as well. My daughter just bought those Steve Madden sandals! I like how you put together that montage.

  3. wendy b says:

    Wonderful list.

  4. Beverly says:

    Oh you have your eyes on some very pretty things. I was coveting that bag myself but like you, couldn’t imagine my husband having to deal with it. So I compromised and got a similiar style in black. I adore the shoes, buy them, I’ve had double knee surgery and can no longer wear 95% of the shoes I love 🙁 Thanks for coming by to visit me!

  5. Lisa E says:

    LOVELY list! Let me know what you think of the Belle bag… have thought of trying an epiphanie bag but have yet to succumb tot he purchase. 🙂

  6. Kim W says:

    Love the blouse, I may have to get it!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Very cute stuff! I love the bag. I think your hubby would understand.

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