My one little word for 2011.  I started this a few years back with the wonderful Ali Edwards.  You can read more about it here.  I usually scrapbook it at the onset of the year and the fact that it’s almost April & I’m just getting to it now is due to not procrastination (one of my haunting habits) or because I am not as committed to it but quite the contrary.  The reason i’m getting to it now is two fold~ ONE) I’ve been very conscious to be present in my life so other things have taken a back seat (like scrapping my one little word for the year) TWO) Shimelle’s 1st prompt for my {blogging for scrapbookers} class suggested a scrapbook page for my purpose or goal for the class and this seemed like the appropriate project for me.
There’s different suggestions on the level of complexity for our posts in class and for those who could not scrapbook or include photos or whatever, an image of our work space was sufficient.  and although the idea of simplicity appealed to me….this did not…..
Quite unacceptable really.  Yes, that’s my work space, hence why getting work done is a bit of a problem.  Regardless, Shimelle still inspired me & I cranked out my layout (on my kitchen table).  Now I feel the need to really be present in this class as well as my life so hope to clean up this mess and enjoy some blogging and scrapping and new friendships that understand all this madness.
And I might add that finding a picture of myself was a rather difficult task so not only do I plan to be present in life in general but also in our family’s photo log that chronicles our life.  Luckily our kids are starting to grab the camera too now that they are getting older & Sebastian took this picture of me.  Love that boy!
You can read about my other little words here, here,  & here.



  1. dogmatix says:

    great page. and i agree with being present in a class for once….something i always trip up on.
    Ur craft space is great… much tidier than mine….well done u for being brave enough for putting the page up. 🙂

  2. MonicaB says:

    Stopping by from BFS class. Wonderful page! My word this year is ignite. I’m doing Ali’s OLW class to keep my word going this year. Best of luck being present throughout the year!

  3. Sharyn says:

    What a lovely layout. I hope things goes well with your OLW, and with BFS too!!

  4. Lisa Day says:

    Stopping by from class! Beautiful layout!

  5. evalyn says:

    Love this, MJ! Great layout and post! SOOO glad you’re in this class. This will get us blogging again…and cleaning up our desks (mine looks just as bad but an entire room!)

  6. Beverly says:

    Love that you are going to be intentional about being in photos, it makes a difference later 🙂 There is no one I would have the courage to show a pic of my studio at this point lol Meeting you thru BFS, look forward to getting to know you.

  7. Cheri says:

    Beautiful layout!

  8. S says:

    Great layout – love the stapled letters. And as far as the desk goes, you can’t scrap without a little mess anyway!

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