blogging class

So I just started a new class called blogging for scrapbookers by Shimelle Laine.  I’m excited to learn the cool techie stuff ‘cuz i’ve been wanting to redecorate this space for awhile but code and the instructional stuff that go with it usually make my head spin to the point of frustration that I simply give up.  I don’t have enough time to simply make posts let alone all that tech stuff that can be such a drag & suck so many endless hours out of your day sometimes (most times in my case) to no avail.
Class artwork
I’m also excited for inspirational and motivational prompts to be a better blog poster AND scrapbooker.  Now that I’ve moved away from teaching my workshops I’m really looking forward to get back to scrapbooking for pure personal enjoyment.
My girlfriend Evalyn took this class last time & I was really bummed I wasn’t on board so I’m glad Shimelle is rerunning the class.  I believe Shimelle is also planning on a follow up class beyond this one which if I can stay on task the first segment I hope to also participate in.  Hopefully I’ll have much more to share…



  1. Sharyn says:

    BFS is a great class; good luck with your intentions and I hope you enjoy the class!

  2. bunnyfreak says:

    I am also hopping to take the follow-up is I stay on task.

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