it’s all about “him”

I don’t like to post only about one of the kiddos.  I really try to keep it fair, but Sebastian had a baseball tournament in Manteca, CA this weekend and played 4 games.  Two were on Saturday, which I was in attendance and two more on Sunday.  So this one IS all about him.
How great does he look?
Crushers on base
On Sunday I had my long anticipated garage sale so I missed the games but Matt got these professional shots.  I’m so happy he did.  They are fantastic!
Crushers at bat
Sebastian looks great at the plate.  He’s come such a long way from this time last year.  I’m really proud of him ‘cuz he works really hard but he loves every minute of it!
Crushers at bat closeup
I know I’m biased, but he’s such a cutie!  
Crushers slide
And something he’s never struggled with is sliding.  He loves it, digs it and does it well.  Whether it’s head or feet first.  
I’m looking forward to another fun baseball season…..


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  1. evalyn says:

    He looks awesome at the plate!

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