my social butterfly


Lexi was invited to 5, yes F-I-V-E, parties this weekend.  We graciously declined to one since it overlapped with the other classmate’s birthday party.  The one for Saturday night (which actually was a family affair) I simply pooped out on and didn’t drive the 1/2 hour it required to get there.  I was exhausted from the previous 2 parties I had spent the day at with Lexi.
THEN Sunday was the princess tea party I organized with my mothers’ group.  we try to do it annually but I flaked on organizing it last year because of the new house & the previous year I didn’t attend with Lexi ‘cuz I was in the process of buying the new house, trying to sell the old house and just simply maintaining my sanity.  Sooooo I felt compelled this year to organize at my house since I figured this would be the last year Lexi would really embrace the {princess} thing.  Well I should have known….the party wasn’t held at our home after all & Lexi didn’t dress up as a princess.  The weather was rain, called for rain and more rain so the party was moved last minute to my girlfriend’s house.  I was willing to have 30 princesses and their fairy mothers in my backyard but I was NOT offering up the inside of my house.  Call me crazy.  And Lexi after being sleeping beauty last halloween & cinderella the previous year, opted for one of her favorite dresses instead.  and, as the worrying mother that I am, I convinced Lexi to bring a princess dress & shoes in my bag just in case she changed her mind once she saw all her friends dressed up.  She never did.  yup, she’s growing up in a hurry, but not too much ‘cuz she still loves the face paint.  One of my girlfriends is VERY talented when it comes to face painting and she didn’t move from the corner as she painted princess after princess.  Here’s the whole group:
Lexi is in the fornt row, sitting down, third from the right, in the yellow, handmedown dress from her friend Janie {it’s one of her favorite dresses at the moment}.  Yes, that’s what she chose to wear to a royal princess affair.  Of course, we also have to ham it up:
Lexi had to table hop to be with all her friends.
The girls had a great time!  They had a photo shoot, tea and finger foods, face painting, manicures, cupcake decorating, a gift exchange and general merriment.  Here Lexi’s cupcake “masterpiece”:


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