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So last month (I’ve been wanting to post about this forever now) we took our annual Disneyland trip & it did not disappoint.  We actually didn’t go last year since we always go sometime between Sept-Dec & that’s about the time the house took over our lives.  Remember that?  If you’re really interested you can read about it here.  Anyway, back to Disney.  The last time lexi went, she was only two years old so she absolutely LOVED it.  She of course not only loved all the princesses but ALL the characters, which the last time she wasn’t too sure about them, and the time before that she would break out into silent hysterics before she caught her breadth & screamed anytime a character looked at her let alone approached her.  Anyway, made for many more smiles this time around and better photo ops.  I took A LOT of pictures.  this is the first time I had my big canon w/ me & although it was harder to lug around (I need a good camera case &/or strap btw), it was totally worth it.  Also keep in mind I have not edited any of the photos, but I just need to get them posted to the blog.
IMG_8116  IMG_8122    IMG_8125  IMG_8132
This was in toontown in the first 15 minutes of Mickey’s morning madness.  basically you get to go into Toontown 1 hour before it opens up to the general public & in this first hour we usually see most of the characters (Donald always eludes us) and go on all the rides.  It’s the best gig EVER!
IMG_8193  IMG_8219
A little princess magic was definetly on the agenda this trip.  We also met Sleeping beauty & Mulan.  Last time we had Cinderella & Pocahontas in the princess faire line up so we only need to meet Jasmine & Snow White and we can feel complete in our fairy tale conquest.  Lexi had a make over after the princess faire & while she was pampered Sebi was chosen by one of the court jesters as Cinderella’s prince.  He danced on stage, my little heartbreaker.    My heart grew & cracked at the same time, ‘cuz I know he will most definitely be someone’s prince one day, which means I won’t be the most important lady in his life (sniff & I digress…).
  IMG_8248    IMG_8362
IMG_8251      IMG_8273
Clearly, Lexi’s favorite thing by far was the princess craziness.  She tried to be brave during all the rides and claim “I was hardly scared at all”… after every ride but meanwhile she clung to daddy pretty hard.  Sebi loved all the fast rides & big thunder mountain railroad was by far his favorite.  He experienced Indiana Jones for the first time & really loved that.  My favorite thing was all the fall / halloween decorations.  Fall is my favorite season & Disney knows how to do it right like anything else.
IMG_8170  IMG_8379 IMG_8369
And I did get my Donald moment.
And for Matt?  Well, they say it’s where dreams come true…
And they lived happily ever after.  THE END.


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  1. {leah} says:

    Oh, looks like sooo much fun!! D loved Thunder Mt., too this year! Imagine that? Glad you’re doing well – thanks for noticing me at JB! 🙂

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