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Fathers day collage
So Matt comes home from his business trip late Friday night & wonders what we’ll be doing for Father’s day.  So I tell him that we’ll be going on a pic nic.  Probably to Mt. Diablo as we’ve done in year’s past; I hadn’t really ironed out all the details in my head; typical MaryJo….  so, anyway, he comments about how it’s kind of unseasonally cold, which he’s got a point {global warming my ass} & proceeds to comment how I didn’t even ask him what he wanted to do for Father’s day.  Well, this is where Matt & I differ.  We tend to share common views on many, most things, but not on this one.  I want to be surprised.  Don’t ask me what I want for my birthday – he should know already!  Don’t ask me what I want to do on mother’s day – he should plan on his own.  Anyway, this isn’t about me though, it’s about HIM.  So in order to avoid any marital discord around Father’s day, I make reservations  for Scott’s Seafood father’s day brunch which for the 1st time is also being held in the Blackhawk Auto Museum.  Brunch includes champagne, seafood, carving stations (for my carnivorous husband) a ton of other food, jazz band and entrance to the museum, which after 13 years of living here we still hadn’t gone to.  really, Really, REALLY cool cars from the turn of the century when it was truly a luxury to own a motor vehicle to the 60’s.  Then outside the Blackhawk Plaza had all sorts of stuff going on from balloons animals for the kids, to free ice cream, to another live band….  it was a beautiful day & a pic nic would have been perfect as well but this turned out to be one of those unexpected surprises.  Hey, after 4, 5, I lost count, mimosas, all is good!

At our table.  they had all these small white lights hanging from the ceiling, which unfortunately didn’t come out in the picture, but one is shining right on my eye, which looks like a make-up job gone bad.

A lil’ daddy, daughter dancing.
This doesn’t do the car exhibit justice but I only took 2 pictures.

One of JFK’s cars, which is the exact thought that came to my mind as soon as I saw it, before I read the plaque.

Balloon art.  Never seems to get old.  Even for this guy, who seemed more interested in his balloon than sis, but I think that’s ‘cuz she had her eye on the free ice cream.  One thing is for sure, she’s got her priorities straight, food/candy then shoes then make-up.  God bless her husband.  What pray tell is Sebi holding?  A monkey in a tree of course, which proceeded to pop as soon as we got home, and although Mz. Clown had warned about this, it was no consolation for the Seb Web.
Good time was had by all.
Other news of interest at the moment~
Finishing off June….Sebastian started baseball camp today & loved it.  As soon as camp is over in a few days we head up to Idaho to spend a week at our friends’ cabin on Spring Lake.  Remember this last year?
Mid-July…grandpa Mike & grandma Marina come to visit.  This always involves some fun family time exploring, eating, laughing, talking, living, loving…
August…finish off the summer with a family trip to Cabo.
Can’t wait for all of it….love summer time…

edited:  SPIRIT lake not spring lake….


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  1. evalyn says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! And boy, you’re even busier than me this summer! Let’s get together sometime this summer for a little shopping….

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