so…where were we?

Last time we spoke, my in-laws were in town.  That was a fantastic visit.  we celebrated my mother in-law, Marina’s, birthday in style!  One night we went out to dinner. On the actual night of her birthday I cooked at home and celebrated with family only.  I love a well dressed table.  It’s just fun!Continue reading “so…where were we?”

hit the summer running

Summer has officially kicked off & since the end of school my life has been a blur.  It’s a good blur but I really want to slow down & enjoy the summer-i-ness of things.  Lexi’s graduation celebration was followed by Sebastian’s last week of school, consisting of field day, all day field trip to crabContinue reading “hit the summer running”

girls gone wine

For seven years now every April I go away with my mothers’ group for a weekend.  No children or hubbies allowed.  It’s usually a wine country destination, Napa, Sonoma and for our 5th year anniversary we did the sideways tour in the Central Coast where it became a long weekend (Thursday thru Sunday).  This yearContinue reading “girls gone wine”

here i go again…..

…falling off the face of my blog.  I hate that!  AND I hate using the word “hate” so it tells you how much it bothers me.  I really want to be a better blogger and I’ll try to quickly recap. So this past weekend we visited Santa. The place opened at 11am & by 11:05amContinue reading “here i go again…..”

south carolina here we come…

So we’re off to South Carolina today to visit grandma & grandpa for Thanksgiving.  The kids are ubber excited and we’re looking forward to spending some time in their new home.  I feel good ‘cuz: I finished all my kits for the craft boutique (I’ll post more about this when I get back) I finishedContinue reading “south carolina here we come…”