south carolina here we come…

So we’re off to South Carolina today to visit grandma & grandpa for Thanksgiving.  The kids are ubber excited and we’re looking forward to spending some time in their new home.  I feel good ‘cuz:
I finished all my kits for the craft boutique (I’ll post more about this when I get back)
I finished the postcard for the boutique as well
I have my Christmas cards in motion & hopefully completed the week I get back (some people still don’t know we’ve moved & those who do, don’t know where)
My next workshop is organized & kits on order
AND I finished another project in our home, which is this wall of pictures (the projects at home makes me twitch if I think of ALL the things I want to do, but I know I’m not alone on that one)
Picture wall cropped
Now 4 more walls in this same hallway…..  but right now off to the airport.


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  1. {leah} says:

    Hope you had a great holiday, mj!!

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