girls gone wine

For seven years now every April I go away with my mothers’ group for a weekend.  No children or hubbies allowed.  It’s usually a wine country destination, Napa, Sonoma and for our 5th year anniversary we did the sideways tour in the Central Coast where it became a long weekend (Thursday thru Sunday).  This year 18 runaway moms ended up in St. Helena in Napa Valley and one of my contributions this particular year was to create the CD jewel cases for the pre-trip, get in the mood, crank the tunes in our cars, as we anticipate our getaway, music.
I went for the Brady Bunch set-up & included all our beautiful mugs.  Usually the group shot from the previous year is used as the cover, which is great, but not a true representation of that particular year.  Due to life & circumstance sometimes we loose some people and other times we gain some newbies; it’s just the way life is.  This was the awesome play list my girlfriend put together:
The house was beautifully appointed.  It was built in 2007 and no expense was spared~  the sound system throughout the house, light sensor lights that come on as you walk into a room, huge, heavy, 10 ft. wooden doors into all rooms, the tile baseboards to match the tile flooring throughout the first floor.  the way it’s decorated it seems like it was built and/or purchased as a rental in mind.  You know that model home feel, but all so very fun & grand for the weekend.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice.  The owners have some grape vines planted in the front yard, which just gives it that special wine country living feel.
Did I mention I made 28 of these?  18 gals for the weekend and 10 gals who didn’t make it for one reason or another from previous years who we sent a “we miss you” CD surprise.  I know 18 sounds like a lot (we’ve been more & we’ve been less), but the house slept 15 in beds!!!  We had 2 gals that crossed days so we only had 1 or 2 gals on couches and/or air mattresses at any given time.  Not one cat fight, but we did have a group bubble bath which is for a much different post…..AND there are pictures to prove it.


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