Flowers grunge

My in-laws arrived for their annual summer visit from South Carolina yesterday & these are the flowers I put in their room.  The kids are so excited and happy to have grandma & grandpa here they can barely contain themselves.  I love overhearing the conversations they have with them and I know my in-laws cherish every moment since they wish they could see them more often.  I love having company, whether simply over for dinner or for a week’s stay, ‘cuz it always motivates me to get stuff done around the house.  one of the projects I’ve been working on lately is this plant stand.
Plant stand grunge
It makes me SO happy.  I had bought it at the Dublin house when Matt & I first moved in, where it sat in the corner of the kitchen.  As soon as we started having babies, which brings along with it all the gear, high chairs, swings, bouncy seats and the like, I decided to break down the plant stand & put it away (I really wanted to set it up outside but our patio in Dublin didn’t lend itself to it).  So I relegated it to the garage where it was moved around a few times, then made the big move to the Danville house where it once again sat in our garage for a little over a year.  I set it up about a month ago & I was really, Really excited I had all the pieces and hardware I needed.  I know along the way some of the pieces were separated & the bag with the hardware was misplaced at least twice that I can remember, but low & behold it all came together perfectly.  Now it sits in my covered patio just like I had always wanted.  {side note: Matt always pokes fun at me ‘cuz I always say “I’ve always wanted this or that or whatever” but it’s TRUE.} this is what I had enviosoned and now that I dusted off my terra cotta pots & planted my fun plants it’s a welcoming sight when we step out on the patio, that DOES lend itself to my plant stand vision.  In order to get all the plants I wanted with the right textures, colors, sizes etc. I shopped around quite a bit so my trusted companions also got a lil’ somethin’, somethin’.  Can you guess whose is whose?
Cactus grunge
Sebastian actually picked out both of them.  We first spotted the red one & only Sebastian was with me while Lexi was at a friend’s house for a playdate so I thought it was only fair he could get one.  As I circled the indoor garden center at Home Depot for like the upteenth time Sebi spotted the pink one & he insisted we had to get it for sissy.  Yes, he is a sweet brother regardless of all the tough love he gives.  And if this wasn’t enough greeness in my life at the moment, these pretties sit on my dining room table.
Sunflowers grunge
Mexico box grunge
What is this other image you ask?  Well, we just received some ReaLLy fun mail.  Matt’s team at work has won a trip to Cabo San Lucas next month.  This is our welcome package.  How FUN is that?!!?
Mexico grunge
It came loaded with fun information about our trip so I decided to start documenting our vacation with this box of fun.  Matt & I are going alone for 5 days while the kids stay home with Auntie Fabiana & friends.  It’ll be nice to spend some time together.  Matt just received a wonderful prognosis that we have been worried about for some time and we have been blessed with a treatable & curable diagnosis that has finally put us at ease.  Makes you appreciate life at a different level and reprioritize what really matters in this one and only fragile life we are given.
And these are some of the things that are putting a SMILE on my face right now.


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  1. evalyn says:

    The plant stand looks lovely! I always wanted something like that…I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t sign up to go to C.E.–you got your trip to Cabo! Good for you–and Matt. Glad to know life is making you smile. 🙂

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