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Creative challenge #1 milk caps
Is the name of the new class i’m taking at Big Picture Scrapbooking with Jenni Bowlin.  Jenni has a great vintage style and i’m hoping to learn about her processes & techniques.  We’re in week 3 and she has already inspired me to do some fun stuff.  Upon registration of the class we were sent a little inspiration packet with very Jenni~esque items and our first creative challenge involved using vintage milk cap(s) from the packet in a layout or project.  I chose to create a layout about Sebastian since {milk} is one of the really good things in his diet he injests plenty of.  At first I was not very motivated but once I got rolling it was really fun.
During the first week Jenni showed how she creates inspirational boards using fabric & frames, but this is simply a suggestion.  Inspiration boards can be made a million different ways and it’s very interesting to see what some of the other gals in the class came up with.  My board is a large frame to which I attached chicken wire instead so i can hang all my inspiration.
Inspiration board 2
Here it is hanging in my creative area patiently waiting for some fun inspiration.  And here are a few of my first finds as I’m exploring for things to strike up my inspiration.  The runner with the chartreuse trim had to be mine as soon as I saw it since it’s a color I canNOT resist and it’s very pretty and my style.  It won’t hang long on my board since I already have a few different pieces of furniture I want to display it on.  The big flower brooch I want to actually make into a bracelet; stay tuned not quite sure how I’m gonna do it.  The earrings will be separated, one for a necklace, once again not sure how I’ll do this, and the other hopefully for a Jenni project during this class.
Inspration items w2
I’m really enjoying the class and it has motivated me to go out on the “hunt” again, which I haven’t done in awhile and I LUV to do.  Can’t wait to explore places around the East Bay and create some stuff that I probably wouldn’t never do without the inspiration and motivation from this class.


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  1. evalyn says:

    Cute layout!! Sounds like you’re really enjoying the class.

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