sweet notes for Valentine’s Day

Sweet notes for Valentine’s Day- as in musical notes…. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so I just finished a couple of projects for the romantic holiday using sheet music since love songs are usually associated with this affectionate holiday.  I love using sheet music on many projects and it just evokes an air of romance.  IContinue reading “sweet notes for Valentine’s Day”

sheet music tabletop

I love sheet music. I always pick up sheet music while thrifting. I select the older books that have yellowed with age and they always costs cents to a couple dollars depending on the thickness of the booklet. worth.every.penny.  {literally} I use it in so many ways, including crafting, decorating and entertaining. Today I’m sharingContinue reading “sheet music tabletop”

valentine’s day tablescape 2016

I set a valentine’s day inspired tablescape today with the help of little Miss Masterpiece. I’ve been wanting to make a music sheet runner f.o.r.e.v.e.r. ! & I thought valentine’s day was the perfect occasion for it ~  romantic & nostalgic. I had everything on hand with a few details I picked up here &Continue reading “valentine’s day tablescape 2016”

1st grade patriotic performance

Lexi had her patriot performance yesterday and in Lexi style, she rocked it!  In the morning she performed in front of the entire student body. They look so neat & orderly in their field trip t-shirts.  Lexi is in the front row in a navy blue tee 4th one to the left of Mrs. Knight,Continue reading “1st grade patriotic performance”

girls gone wine

For seven years now every April I go away with my mothers’ group for a weekend.  No children or hubbies allowed.  It’s usually a wine country destination, Napa, Sonoma and for our 5th year anniversary we did the sideways tour in the Central Coast where it became a long weekend (Thursday thru Sunday).  This yearContinue reading “girls gone wine”