a farewell fall tablescape

A farewell tablescape

Last week we took Sebastian, my baby boy, our first born, my only son, to University of Oregon.  He is an incoming Freshman and between Covid-19, the wildfires, unsettling protests and who knows what else it’s very unnerving to leave him.  As set a pretty farewell fall tablescape with one of his favorite meals for a special evening.

A farewell tablescape 1

The process of letting go of a child is hard enough as it is, let alone adding the extra layers 2020 has brought upon us.  It’s a crazy year, but we have to let Sebastian open his wings and soar nonetheless.  I know that deep down in my soul but my heart still aches.

A farewell tablescape 2

As one of the many mini celebrations to bid Sebastian farewell we made one of the meals he requested with just our immediate small pod, which includes the four of us plus my cousin and Sebastian’s girlfriend.  Small, intimate, perfect.

A farewell tablescape 3

Seb wanted tri tip steak and mashed potatoes.  I also made sautéed mushrooms with onions and a green salad.  A good American meal.

A farewell tablescape 4

Of course I had to make the experience somewhat special so I set a pretty table.  I had just picked up some Fall gourds at Trader Joes along with my pumpkins I shared on my garden post {pretty perch in the garden} so I added them to the place settings on the table.

A farewell tablescape 5

Sebastian’s girlfriend even commented on the gourds and how cool it looked {a girl after my own 💛}.

A farewell tablescape 6

I also added fairy lights to my vintage green bottle collection which showcased the mushrooms I picked up at Terrain a few years ago.  You can see how I used the mushrooms in this tablescape too {late summer|early fall tablescape}.  If you’re interested or just plain curious {since I will be the first to admit it’s a tad odd} you can read more about my mushroom saga here and here.

A farewell tablescape 7

So it’s not a super fancy tablescape with a huge plate stack but it’s reality for our family and how we set the table regularly.
A farewell tablescape 8
Maybe not with a special center piece all the time 😉 but I do have to say this centerpiece has been on our table since I set this a couple of weeks ago.  The fairy lights are on timers so they can go on and off automatically.  It’s festive and Fall-ish, setting the mood in the kitchen.

A farewell tablescape 9

I love setting tables in our kitchen since we refinished the kitchen set {kitchen table & chairs set refresh}.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.  I feel like I am neglecting my dining room though, but it’s partly due to the fact that it has become Mr. M’s office.

A farewell tablescape 10

We are in the process of changing that, transforming the guest room into his office.  Hopefully more on that real soon.
A farewell tablescape 11
“There are no good-byes for us.  Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” ~ Mahatma Gand
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  1. Naush Samama says:

    Such an elegant table decor. Thank you for sharing with us at Meraki Link Party.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment Naush. Love joining your party every week. XO- MJ

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