happy birthday to me

Yup, so as of Saturday I’m a year older.  So I’ve been thinking of myself as 42 for quite awhile now so it’s really a non issue.  I still feel like I did last year (I think) but if I think about it in detail of course my life is different now than it was a year ago.  Not in the feel older or wiser category, but just simply different.
So what’s preoccuping my 42 year old brain at the moment?  Listed in no particular order of importance:
  • obsessed w/ the “twilight” book series by stephenie meyer
  • hooked on the HBO series “true blood”
  • {what’s w/ the vampire preoccupation? wait, don’t answer that; i don’t want to know!}
  • dusting off my control journal to bring order to my home & become friends w/ the fly lady again
  • maintaining the never ending list of events/activities/parties/etc. on the family calendar
  • controling the daunting task as yearbook chair at montair (what was I thinking!??!)
  • evolving my teeny tiny business into I don’t know what, ‘cuz I have no vision, which turns out to be liberating & limiting all at the same time
  • executing the endless list of project my brain conjures up, but my body can’t keep up with
I’ll leave it at 8 since the 8th is my birthday.  So that’s a snapshot of my 42 year old self and since I don’t believe a blog post is complete without a picture here’s a more comprehensive snapshot of my life.
Parade grunge



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  1. evalyn says:

    OK, I’m marking it on my calendar! Happy Birthday to You, MaryJo! Only 42? You’re still young, girlfriend. See you this weekend!

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