goodmorning sunshine

So yesterday morning I’m awakened to the sounds of my flash popping open (yes, I know all the sounds my camera makes even in my sleep) and as I barely open my eyes, I’m blinded by my flash.  For a split millisecond I want to kill Matt ‘cuz I think he’s snaping a picture of me & then I come to my senses and realize he’s taking a picture of our children asleep in our bed.  You see, we believe in the family bed & totally own it.  Every night (almost every night) both of our children crawl into our bed w/ us & sleep there until the morning.  Sometimes it’s early on around 11pm and others times it’s around 4am, and as much as we complain about it, lack of sleep, back aches, yada, yada, yada, I don’t think we want it any other way.  Look at this, they actually look like they might love each other:
Some people might disagree w/ the family bed issue, but it’s a total personal decision.  I look at it this way, since I did struggle with it a bit at the beginning (a very little bit ‘cuz I do love having them in bed w/ me), it’s a very small window of opportunity when you look at the big picture.  They will only want to sleep with you for so long…and I think Sebi’s days are numbered as it is.  He never came into our bed last night, and I actually had to wake him up in his own room.  I think the long holiday weekend had him a bit worn out, but the reality is that he simply doesn’t come into our room every night like he use to and how the little princess does now.  And I know pretty soon he’ll come in less nights than more and soon he just won’t anymore, but what can I expect?
So that was a very sweet moment of the kids snuggled in our bed and fast forward to last night when Lexi wakes us up to tell us she went in the bed.  yeah,  good times, that’s the flip side of the family bed.  She’s totally potty trained and she actually went potty right before her unwelcome wake up call.  but that’s life, you learn to live with the bad, ‘cuz you know the good far outweighs it.  C’est la vie!


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