happy birthday to HIM

Matt bday grungeSo after eight days Matt & I are the same age again.  He celebrated his 42nd birthday yesterday (although we’ve been celebrating for over a week now between his birthday & mine), but anyway, every year for eight days I’m actually “officially” older than my husband.  As soon as he catches up we’re basically the same age if anyone asks, but for those eight days he lives the “older woman” fantasy.
Our birthdays pretty much kick off the endless holiday celebrations from the beginning of November until we ring in the new year.  It’s fun & I really enjoy it although it’s hectic.  I’ve always loved the timing of my birthday and I think it’s because it’s in the fall, which is my favorite time of year, and far enough away from the holidays that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  The fact that Matt’s birthday is so close to mine is just an added bonus, I love that we celebrate it so close together.  It pretty much puts us in synch to celebrate everything in life at the same time; our birthdays, our anniversary (although he might tend to disagree that this is a day to be celebrated), our children’s birthdays…  I say this because it’s the way it is, I would probably love it if it was different too and find another excuse to like it that way.  It’s just my nature, I love all the good things in life, and as I get older I’m making a conscious effort to focus on the good and be very grateful for the great life I lead.  I’m fortunate to live with built in comic relief, which I believe is one of the things that keeps HIS older wife young at heart.  I Love You Honey!
Matt collage grunge


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