mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror

We recently found a new mirror for the living room mantel.

Mirror mirror 1

I have wanted a vintage, old, beautifully gilded with tons of patina frame for awhile now.  The price tag however always makes it an elusive quest.  A few weeks ago I stumbled across this mirror at a local vintage pop-up market, Paris Flea Market.

Mirror mirror 2

Although the tone on the gold frame was a bit “stronger” than I would prefer I do love the details.  And the price was reasonable.  {Believe it or not, I cleaned the mirror before the photo shoot; interesting what the lens captures that the naked eye does not}.

Mirror mirror 3

It fits perfectly in the spot, which is a good thing since I did not have dimensions with me and I just eyeballed it.

Mirror mirror 4

This is the patriotic mantel I recently shared which debuted the mirror’s first outing {wink}.

Patriotic decorating detail 8

And this is the previous patriotic mantel I shared here which shows you the old white washed mirror I had over the mantel beforehand.
Patriotic mantel 3 cropped
I sold the white washed mirror above at the Vintage Market I had with some friends last year.  So for a bit over a year I have had a place holder large frame in this spot, waiting patiently.

Mirror mirror 5

I am happy I found a replacement but now I want to figure out a way to tone down the gold and give it an old world type of look if possible.  After reading a few tutorials and recommendations on line I recently purchased some Rub ‘n Buff in Antique Gold.

Mirror mirror 6

Or I was thinking maybe some Annie Sloane dark wax might also work.  Stay tuned.  I will share once I am done experimenting and hopefully happy with the results.

Mirror mirror 7

For now I am enjoying having a mirror over the mantel that has presence {albeit a bit “loud” for my taste}.  It’s nice to style the mantel and create vignettes with the appropriate background.

Mirror mirror 8

If anyone has recommendations on how I can give this frame an Old World feel I would appreciate any guidance and advise.
“This is gold, Mr. Bond. All my life I’ve been in love with its color… its brilliance, its divine heaviness.”
~Goldfinger {1964}~

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