as 2020 unraveled

As 2020 unraveled

Now here I am in this weird year {weirdest year ever} wanting to get back to this little piece of the internet | world that I call my own.  One of the first things I want to share and start documenting here is the redesign of our front yard.  Mister Masterpiece and I started it in the Fall of last year and we restarted this year {weirdest year ever} when the weather started cooperating again.  This redesign has been a long time coming and we are doing as much of the work ourselves as we can.  I was | am so happy to finally get rid of it all.  A blank slate is totally what we needed and it’s what we got.

As 2020 unraveled 1

We started in September of last year by having a contractor do all the demolition for us.  There was a TON of cement as you can see in this before picture below plus a few medium to smaller trees AND a ton of shrubbery | plantings that were a hot mess.

As 2020 unraveled 2

We knew some things that we absolutely wanted.  A secondary gravel driveway was one of them since we now have a driving teenager with another soon to be driving teenager.  We used decomposed granite {DG} throughout much of the design.  We were inspired by the Patina Farm aesthetic and used the granite for the driveway, in the walkways with the slate and in the sitting area.

As 2020 unraveled 3

We definitely wanted to use some kind of blue | gray slate for the walkways.  Originally we were going to have the crew who did the demo lay the slate for us but one morning I woke up to this…

As 2020 unraveled 4

Yup, that’s Mr. M.  He’s a Doer.  I helped him a little bit but he pretty much cranked out the entire job in record time.  It was a giant jigsaw puzzle which was fun at times but certain spots were a bit tricky.  I am still amazed we DIYed the whole thing.  Here we are in November while work in progress…

As 2020 unraveled 5

Once the walkways were done the crew could lay down the sod.  They also ran all the electrical and irrigation for us.

As 2020 unraveled 6a

We did a few plantings before we called it for the winter season since the rain was coming. So far I love how it has turned out.  We still have much to do, plant, design and the list goes on.  I am enjoying the process and I am really trying to not get stressed out about the decisions I am unsure of.  As we get more hardscape done and plants in the ground it gives me a better understanding of my end vision.

As 2020 unraveled 7

We will also add a livestock fence, incorporate a fountain and repaint the house.  We will hopefully replace the front door and maybe add shutters to the front windows.  So you see, we have many decisions to make and plans to develop throughout the rest of the  year, did I mention it’s a weird year? {weirdest year ever!}.  As far as the yard,  all of it is good.  All of it is exciting.  All of it brings a little bit of stress along with it.  Like I said, I am being very deliberate about enjoying the process.
“Landscaping is living space that just happens to be outdoors.”
~Greg Southard~


  1. It looks great! It is a lot of work you have done and I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Regality3 says:

    Lots of hard and productive work there. But you really need to bring the concrete between the pavers up to the same level. The way it is now, it is a trip trap waiting to happen.

  3. Jolena says:

    Wow! It is looking great and giving a very welcoming path to the front door. Nice work. Visiting from the link party at Our Home Away From Home.

  4. Hi Jolena! Yes, definitely changed our curb appeal. We have done tons more work and I will be sharing here soon. Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a sweet comment. Have a great day!
    XO- MaryJo

  5. Hi there- Yes- we have filled in with the gravel between the slate, bringing it flush and sealed it with gator dust. These pictures are all from the first phase and with the rain all winter months it settled and we had not sealed it yet. We actually wanted to make it a 2 step process so it settled and secured naturally. Luckily in all the months we had it nobody tripped . We have actually done a bunch more work & I’ll be sharing here as I get everything organized. Thanks so much for stopping by!
    XO- MaryJo

  6. Hi Barbara-Thank you so much! It’s been a labor of love for sure but sooo gratifying. I’ll be sharing more real soon. Thanks for stopping by & leaving an encouraging comment.
    XO- Maryjo

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