the Hogwire Fence Project

The hogwire fence project edit

As part of our front yard project we added a Hogwire fence on the front of our property {I call it a livestock fence~ tomatO, tomAto}.  Anyway, I use the term “we” loosely since it was Mr. and Master Masterpiece who built it.

The hogwire fence project 1

They did an amazing job.  It saved us so much money and it was a great project when everyone was home during Covid-19 SIP.

The hogwire fence project 2

You can see the progress of the front yard remodel here{as 2020 unraveled} and here{front yard sitting area}.  When we first moved into this house I had always envisioned and wanted some sort of picket fence, but as my taste has evolved through the years I fell in love with this style fence.

The hogwire fence project 3

Mr. M first built these side fences with gates to the backyard last fall when we started the front yard project.  It gave him a bit of an education on the process so when he did the front fence this year he had it down to a science.

The hogwire fence project 4

The boys cranked it out and I am so happy with it.  Plus the fact that they did it together makes it that much more special.
The hogwire fence project 5
We will eventually add an arbor at the entrance of the walkway, with some type of trailing flower.

The hogwire fence project 6

We’ve added a few plantings on the top, front part of the yard but I’m still not exactly sure what I want there. I have somewhat of an idea and here are some inspiration shots, but I am not quite sure how to execute them yet.

The hogwire fence project 7

I do know I would like a vintage birdbath as a focal point on one side and and urn or pedestal on the other side.  Since flea markets and pop up markets have been quite restricted I have had a hard time locating vintage pieces.

The hogwire fence project 8

The temps around here reached triple digits again and the air quality is awful from the fires.  Consequently we have not been working on the yard much.  We’re just trying to keep everything watered as much as possible but things dry out quickly even with two or three waterings per day.

The hogwire fence project 9

For funnsies, this is what our house looked like in September before we started the front yard remodel.

The hogwire fence project 10

 This is what it looks like today.  We had all the cement removed along with overgrown and unruly vegetation.  We installed a new slate walkway, added new plantings, incorporated a secondary gravel driveway, added a new gravel sitting area, built the hogwire fence, and relocated the cast iron urns and the church pew ourselves.

The hogwire fence project 11

We also had the house repainted.  These are plenty of changes and we still have more planned.  Since we are doing as much work ourselves it has been a longer process.  We are enjoying doing the work ourselves from a satisfaction and home pride aspect as well as a financial benefit.  I leave you with this:  my view when we have cocktails out front.  I love our new fence and it makes me SO happy.  Did I ever mention Mr. M makes a mean French 75?  My cocktail of choice.  Well, he does.  Salud!

The hogwire fence project 12

“Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves.”  
~ Adrienne Clarkson~

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