why you should have a water feature in outdoor spaces

Water feature in outdoor spaces1
We just added a water fountain to our sitting area in out front yard remodel.  Water features have so many benefits and beauty too add to outdoor spaces.  Today we are sharing why we chose to use a water feature in our outdoor space and why you should consider to do the same.
Water feature in outdoor spaces2
We shared our front yard remodel here{as 2020 unraveled} and here{front yard sitting area} and here{the hogwire fence project}.  The front yard has come a long way but we still have plenty to do.  Today I just want to focus on the water feature we added and the benefits water brings to outdoor spaces.
Water feature in outdoor spaces3
Water brings peace and tranquility to your outdoor spaces, transforming your yards into a sanctuary.  
Water feature in outdoor spaces4
This was a favorite spot for us to slow down for a cup of coffee in the morning or a refreshing libation in the afternoon before dinner.  Now with the addition of the fountain it adds a background sound that truly transports you to a happy place.
Water feature in outdoor spaces5
Water adds motion and sound which perpetuates a relaxing and restful environment in your garden. 
Water feature in outdoor spaces6
The size of your outdoor space will dictate the scale and design of the water feature you should use, including fountains to water falls to ponds, etc.  The details of your water feature affect the acoustics and aesthetic it will bring to your outdoor space.  
Water feature in outdoor spaces7
The placement of our fountain determined a wall fountain was the best design option here.  We wanted something very understated and not too ornate.  This is the St. Aubin Fountain in the Alpine Stone finish.
Water feature in outdoor spaces8
I love the ambience the fountain has provided in the few short weeks we’ve have had it. On days that it’s not too hot we open the windows so the sound of the water can travel inside the house.
Water feature in outdoor spaces9
The great thing about fountains are that all you need is an electrical source to run the self circulating pump.  A water source is not required once you fill the fountain.  The pump will circulate the same water inside the fountain.
Water feature in outdoor spaces10
Since the fountain is fairly new we really have not had to do any maintenance to keep it clean and algae free.  We did buy a product meant to keep the fountain fresh so hopefully this will prevent any mildew and algae from accumulating.  Also we do not have deep freezes in our area so we do not have that worry either.
Water feature in outdoor spaces11
Now we have to plant around the fountain and incorporate the organic elements that will marry the fountain to the surroundings and make it look like it has been here forever. We have ideas to soften all the grays and will share as the project continues to unravel.  
Water feature in outdoor spaces12
I simply used these flowers I just brought home from the nursery to style the fountain for this post but these flowers are meant for some containers and the front yard cutting garden area.  Stay tuned more to come on that real soon.

“A kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles.”

~Washington Irving~

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  1. Oh my, MaryJo!… Wow. I looked up the Blissful Place fountains… I recognize one of the sculptors from a friend who used to work for him in California. He made sea life statues, and apparently licensed his work for fountains. Very cool but wow…
    I’ll take the bronze three Grecian women holding up a bowl… 😉 It’s like the beautiful 3-carat Marquis diamond ring I tried on years and years ago at a jewelry store. Champagne taste… (me!) Happy to feature your wonderful post at Share Your Style #305 this week for you! <3
    Enjoy your wonderful fountain,

  2. Wow- Barb that’s so cool. and yes there are many beautiful pieces. Thanks so much for the visit and the feature! I’ll see you over at your place. XO- MJ

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