Vintage Market

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was working on a vintage pop-up market with a couple of friends.  Well, the market has come and gone and I wanted to share a few glimpses into the experience.

Vintage market

 One of my friends spearheaded the project and hosted it at her home.  She had most of the items at the sale from her own home and personal use.  It was crazy how much stuff she had.   Our third partner in crime is launching a new store over the summer and has owned several businesses.
Westside Vintage Market_Flyer I had the least amount of goods.  I chalk painted a few of Miss Masterpieces pieces of furniture since she is redoing her bedroom yet again.  I also had a few bins of old inventory kicking around from my old consigning days.

Vintage market1

Although it was fun working with like minded vintage souls, it was a ton of work.  I forgot how much work it is to prep, paint, tag, and transport everything.  It definitely is not for the faint at heart.
Vintage market2
Once we had everything in one place, creating all the vignettes and making all our stuff play nice together was the fun part.  I can do that all day long.

Vintage market3

It felt good to purge more things and it keeps me moving along with my 2019 goal of organizing myself and home, which part of the process is minimizing clutter.

Vintage market4

I also sent 8 big garbage bags, a bin full of decor plus other stuff to a charity pick up this morning.  It feels so good to purge and I hope to rework some things that I will be organizing and redecorating.

Vintage market5

Plus paining some pieces of furniture for sale has also prompted me to redo some furniture around here which I will share real soon.  It has snowballed into so many projects that I don’t know which way to turn or what to do first.

Vintage market6

Above is Miss M’s dresser after I painted it…..again.  Remember what it use to look like after I painted it for her Tween room reveal?

Lexi room 7

Yup, it took 3 layers of Annie Sloane’s Old White to reach a clean finish.

Vintage market7

Although it was a fun project I am glad it’s behind me because it consumed me for a bit.  Now I can focus on other things like my family, my home and these new projects that developed from the Vintage Market.  Lol.  It’s a crazy time of year as my kids finish the school year and we prepare for summer plans.
“If you actually keep things very organized and clutter-free, you can have more furniture than you think you can in a small space.”
~Nate Berkus~

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  1. Julie Briones says:

    Oh, these pictures make me so jealous… we do not have markets like these too often in So Cal. The Rose Bowl has them all the time, but it’s on Sundays, and I don’t like missing church. So fun to see all the pictures of the lovely items! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering!

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