spring gardening

The sun has been shining bright in Northern California and the rains seem to be done.  Blooms are sprouting all over the yard and we have started to plant for the season.

Spring gardening

We had a TON of rain this winter and although it was miserable and depressing at times, the benefit is lush and gorgeous vegetation through the spring and summer.

Spring gardening1

Our Wisteria was busting when we got back from spring break a few weeks ago and it’s the best we have ever seen it look.

Spring gardening2

The rambling rose on the arbor to the vegetable garden is lush and gorgeous as well.  It’s so pretty and welcoming into the veggie garden.  We have Russian sage planted in front of the garden that hasn’t bloomed yet, but once it does the purple flowers look so pretty against the yellow rambling roses.

Spring gardening3

The vegetable beds are planted with similar varieties we plant every year.  From trial and error we have concluded we prefer to plant tomatoes, peppers, lettuces and herbs.  We love using all of these in our cooking.

Spring gardening4

For the tomatoes we planted red cherry, yellow pear, and a couple of Roma varieties.  We planted Padron, Shisito and Jalapeño peppers.  For the lettuces we picked arugula, red oakleaf and butter crunch.  For the herbs we have quite a few varieties, including Italian basil, flat leaf parsley, Mediterranean oregano, English thyme, rosemary, cilantro, chives and spearmint.

Spring gardening5

Do you spy the bistro set tucked in the corner of the garden?  I mentioned to Mr. M that I wanted to move it so we could sit out there since where it currently sits on the patio, it was never used.  Well, the next morning it was power washed and sitting in the garden.  Lol.  Yup, he’s a doer.  We’ve already sat out there and I will be adding a bit more ambiance to enjoy our coffee, cocktail or whatever it may be.

Spring gardening6

Along with planting the vegetable garden, we have also began to plant some containers here and there but we have way more to go.
Spring gardening8
I will share more as I get everything set for the season, but here a couple sneak peeks.

Spring gardening7

I love container gardening and using unusual containers is half the fun.  I seem to have a purple | lavender | lilac color palette this year for the planters.

Spring gardening9

One of my favorite things are the creeping figs I have in my cast iron urns with the garden orbs.  You can read all about the garden orbs and more about my cast iron collection.

Spring gardening10

I can’t wait for the fig to cover, trail and weave through the orb forms.  I believe the creeping fig is a pretty fast grower so I’m thinking I should remove the lights since they will just be covered up.  BUT my absolute favorite surprise from all the rain this winter is how many ferns have grown on our rock wall in the back yard.

Spring gardening11

This part of the yard was all dead and neglected when we bought our house and we designed the retaining rock wall and laid sod.  We never, ever planted any ferns, which is so amazing.  We’ve always had a few through the years but never this many.  It’s so very cool to me and nature never seizes to amaze me.

Spring gardening12

The front yard is also bursting with all sort of things that I have no idea about, but I love how it currently looks like a wild flower patch.  I’m usually not crazy about this area and I vow to rip it out every year, and then I never do.  I am so glad right about now that I haven’t.

Spring gardening13

One of the plants I fell in love with when we moved to California 20 plus years ago is Euphorbia.  I discovered it during a garden tour in Berkeley, CA when we were buying our first home as a married couple and we have included it in all our landscaping since then.  I love the chartreuse color and interesting shape.

Spring gardening14

{On a total side note: Please excuse the chain link fence at the neighbors next door.  A property management company has purchased the house next door, knocked the entire thing down and is rebuilding a brand new home.  Our neighborhood was established in the 1960s and it makes me very sad they could not just improve the existing structure, but I guess some folks call it progress?}
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“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”
~Claude Monet~


  1. Ann says:

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  2. Christine says:

    Your yard looks wonderful and I am in love with those ferns growing in the rock wall!

  3. That arbor is to die for! And I wish we had a raised garden like yours. Ours is limited to about two wooden boxes. But we do plant peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and sometimes more. Thanks for sharing all your lovely landscaping with Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  4. Liberty B says:

    Your arbor, wisteria, picket fence— everything is beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Best of the Weekend!

  5. Julie Briones says:

    Just gorgeous! So many lovely flowers and greenery! I’ve posted to my Outdoor Inspirations board! So happy to have you at Homestyle Gathering, MaryJo!

  6. Beautiful MaryJo, I have chosen your post as one of my favorite features on Monday at 8 pm…thank you for linking up with CYS!!!

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