thinking thanksgiving…

We’ll be hosting Thanksgiving again this year. So my mind is on Thanksgiving-y decor, menu, tablescape, etc. I’m working on my table | dining room at the moment & I hope to be able to share soon. In the meantime I thought I would share my place cards from last year. I love silhouettes. SoContinue reading “thinking thanksgiving…”

garland from fall into winter

So I’ve wanted to create a burlap | pinecone garland for awhile now. One that I can use for fall | Thanksgiving and take right into my Christmas decor….. and today was the day. This is all I used. Burlap ribbon, small | medium-ish pinecones, twine, needle & scissors. I cut the burlap ribbon intoContinue reading “garland from fall into winter”

tartan plaid fascination

Now that Halloween is long behind us I’ve been in full fall | Thanksgiving mode in decorating, menu planning, crafting, etc…. but when I hit the stores it’s Christmas overload.  So last week for no reason in particular I felt like going to Homegoods.  I don’t know why because I try to stay away andContinue reading “tartan plaid fascination”

hot cocoa | coffee station inspiration

So during my regular blog hopping routine last week I was totally inspired by Dear Lillie’s “time for coffee/hot cocoa station…” post.  I don’t have a beautiful sideboard like Jennifer does, but I created our own little hot drink station slice of heaven. I used our marble lazy susan and assembled all the things weContinue reading “hot cocoa | coffee station inspiration”

happy all hallow’s eve

So it’s a cold, gloomy, rainy day around here.  Perfect for Halloween! Of course I waited for  today to take pictures outside so it’s a little dark and wet.  As you walk up to our porch there’s a skeleton on the church pew who greets you and we’ve counted down the days on the chalkboardContinue reading “happy all hallow’s eve”

halloween spookiness

So the weather has finally turned a bit around here which helps set the mood for a fall-halloween-harvest feel. Unfortunately I’m not totally done with our Halloween decorating and of course I have way too many ideas of things I want to do, create, craft….. So I’m sharing some of my Pinterest inspiration. I wantContinue reading “halloween spookiness”

fall is in the air…not

So here in northern California the temperature is still in the mid 80s. It’s difficult to transition into an autumnal landscape although I see pumpkins everywhere I go. Growing up back east the Fall has always been my most favorite season. So I’ve added a few fall touches at home… I added white pumpkins inContinue reading “fall is in the air…not”

pieces of fall

I know Halloween seems like ages ago but I’ve been relishing in the simple fall decor around here.  Once we got back from Disneyland I happily put all the Halloween decorations away and it’s been nice and fall-y around here.  I won’t start Christmas until I’ve checked Thanksgiving off the list.  Here are some ofContinue reading “pieces of fall”

happy hallow’s eve

Busy, busy day.  It started with Halloween parade at Lexi’s elementary school followed later on by classroom party at lunch and topped off with block party in our neighborhood and we can’t forget the amazing trick or treating to wrap it all up.  It was awesome and perfect but i. am. e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d !!! We leaveContinue reading “happy hallow’s eve”