monday musings

Yes, I’m back.  Yes, it’s been awhile.  And yes, once again, I have great plans. I’ve primarily used this blog in the past to keep family & friends back east, in Uruguay and wherever else they may be abreast of our doings in California.  I will continue to do that ‘cuz it does maintain someContinue reading “monday musings”

paris flea market again

It’s that time again.  The Paris Flea market showing for March started last night. Schedule every month runs: Thursday {6pm~9pm} Friday {9am~4pm} Saturday {9am~4pm} Sunday {10am~4pm} On the first weekend of the month.  You can view the calendar on the website: Paris Flea Market. I didn’t take as thorough close ups as I did last monthContinue reading “paris flea market again”

sweet valentines

Happy valentine’s day!  Just wanted to pop in and spread some love.  The Amaryllis our friends gave us over the holidays opened up today with perfect timing. Isn’t she a beaut?  You would think I timed it or something, but in reality I was a bit worried I planted her too late.  I didn’t getContinue reading “sweet valentines”

happy haunting

Well, we had a fun filled happy Halloween weekend. It started on Friday with Lexi’s 1st grade class party (here she is w/ her friend Emma) Followed by a mid morning Halloween school parade (Lexi was a pink cheerleader from beginning to end while Sebastian chose to be general grievous from Star Wars at schoolContinue reading “happy haunting”

repurpose. rethink. reinvent.

Is the name of the new class i’m taking at Big Picture Scrapbooking with Jenni Bowlin.  Jenni has a great vintage style and i’m hoping to learn about her processes & techniques.  We’re in week 3 and she has already inspired me to do some fun stuff.  Upon registration of the class we were sent a little inspiration packet withContinue reading “repurpose. rethink. reinvent.”